The cap space diet

Are you an NBA franchise struggling with bad contracts in an uncertain economic climate? Are you tired of paying $60-plus million per year to be eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies in five games? (I’m looking at you Portland, San Antonio, and Utah.) Have you ever employed Isiah Thomas? Then you need the Cap Space Diet.

For less than half of the mid-level exception (four annual payments of $2 million), I can show you how to slash your payroll and shape your roster into a lean, mean Conference Finals-making machine. With my patented method of short-term contracts, low-risk flyers, and unemotional fiscal objectivity (read: letting past their prime players walk) you can rebuild a team on the fly and hopefully keep your job in the process. You can count on one hand the number of GM’s who have achieved success, then had to rebuild, and kept their job until the team was successful again. You’d count them by forming a circle with your thumb and index finger as though you were trying to indicate the number zero. Call right now and I’ll send you this patented plan free* for thirty days. 1 (800) CAP-SPACE

*An annual fee of $2 million will be charged to your account unless you call our “Help” Center in Mumbai, India, and opt out before your 30 day trial is over.

Are you tired of overpaying “stars” to appease your impatient fan base? Do you have trouble holding onto your talent because of the financial inflexibility your cap number inflicts upon you? Did you just pay Kwame Brown $7 million? (Golden State, next time you want to get Kwame a Christmas present, how about a gift card to Chili’s?) Call my toll free number now!

Have you tried other methods? Amnesty? Salary dump trades? Framing a player for a crime in hopes of having their contract voided? Has nothing worked?

The Cap Space Diet can solve all your problems.

Order now and follow our step-by-step process to financial freedom.

Want proof of how well our system works? Just look at the Phoenix Suns.

Last season they paid $66 million in salary for a team that won only 40 games. They called 1 (800) CAP-SPACE and just look at them now. They have more 2012 cap space than you can shake a stick at. Following our proprietary strategy, they found bargain free agents like Shannon Brown, took low-risk flyers on journeymen like Sebastian Telfair, and stayed disciplined when re-signing aging fan favorite Grant Hill. Now they’re poised to make a big splash in next year’s free agent market while remaining competitive this year.

You may be thinking that with Chris Paul off the market and Dwight Howard likely to be moved during the year, the 2012 free agent class isn’t worth saving for, but you’d be wrong. Call us in the next 15 minutes, and we’ll send you our Accelerated Plan. The Accelerated Plan is guaranteed to put you in the market to land a big star in 2012. We’ll upgrade you to the Accelerated Plan free of charge, but you must call now. Operators are standing by. Here are some of the names you could be introducing to your season ticket holders next summer:

Top 5 Unrestricted:

Dwight Howard (He could definitely be available next summer especially if his flip-flopping routine causes Otis Smith to become incapacitated hours before the trade deadline. If you don’t think this could happen, you underestimate Dwight.)

Deron Williams

Ray Allen

Gerald Wallace

Jason Terry

Top 5 Restricted:

Russell Westbrook (Only available if he and KD end up going to blows at some point this season.)

Eric Gordon

Kevin Love

Brook Lopez

JaVale McGee

The Suns have enough space to pay two of those guys and surround them with the pieces necessary to make a deep run in the playoffs. This could be your franchise, too. Just call 1 (800) CAP-SPACE and get your team on the road to winning today. Call right now and we’ll send you our NBA GM Meditation CD for free! You and your staff will listen to the dulcet tones of Jim Paxson as he recites the words, “I will not pay Chauncey Billups $10 million” over and over again. Call us today.

This has been Antoine Walker for 1 (800) Cap Space. Thank you for your time.

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  • Suns4L1fe

    This is awesome!

    Hopefully what’s being said here is true that we will be able to afford atleast 2 guys. The only problem I think would come up is with Robert Sarver not willing to pay out new/bigger salaries. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good plan.

    Though this year, I think we have enough role players that are decent enough to do well. Remember the 09-10 Suns? They dominated the bench with role players, and now that bench is our starting lineup! If we can get another consistent bench going, it becomes a good team (not one that can make/go far in the playoffs yet). Hopefully a big splash next year will happen. :)

  • Scott

    So far as I can see, only 5 of those FA/RFAs are worth getting: Dwight, Deron, Gordon, Westbrook, and Love.

    Of those, only two are likely to be targeted by the Suns: Deron and Gordon.

    Since the Suns are a perennial top PG team, I’d guess the Suns would go for Deron Williams, if anyone. Gordon will probably have his value hugely inflated by competition, and will end up being overpaid by someone.

    I don’t know what the Suns are going to do, but the situation at this point is somewhat obscure. I think my preference would be for the Suns to do something less direct, and maybe work a sign and trade and trade to get a younger PG that passes well, like Irving, Rubio, or maybe a draft pick that turns into Kendall Marshall.

  • Tony


    give me a break. You really believe the Suns have any chance to land Howard and/or Williams? For that matter, to land one or the other, most likely Sarver and Babby will have to land both. Other than Nash, please educate us on the last superstar player Sarver signed as a free agent?? Please don’t say Hill, because he was not at that level when he signed with the Suns. And for that matter Nash was recruited by JC not Sarver.

    Neither Ray Allen or Jason Terry are elite players and both are too old to build around anyway. Gerald Wallace? Please.

    In terms of the top restricted free agents, of course the Timberwolves are going to match any offer the Suns make. No way do the Thunder not match any offer the Suns make either. So that leaves Eric Gordon, whom may develop into an elite scorer, but that is about it.
    Getting Brook Lopez or McGee then creates the problem of what to do with Gortat. Since the one position the Suns seem to be set at is at center, it really makes no sense for the front office to target another center, especially when they are so weak at starting sg and starting pf.

    What most likely will happen next off-season is that when it becomes obvious even to Sarver that he has no chance of landing Williams or Howard, he will probably over-pay for decent to good players, but still fail to land a superstar player to build around. As a consequence, the Suns future will be just as bleak as ever as the team will be too far near the salary cap limit to afford an elite player in the following free agency period.

  • 5ko

    Hate to say it, but Tony`s comment is the most accurate post so far in the whole site.The article is funny, but the reality for the suns is not.

  • Jonathan

    @Tony and @5ko,

    Russell Westbroks looks very promising after Durant gets the first ” Derrick Rose” rule which Durant gets the max and puts the thunder over the salary cap. They also just signed Perkins and next off season (13-14) they are going to have to sign both Serge Ibaka and Harden.

    The Suns are going go give Westbrook a heavy front loading contract which is going to be hard for the Thunder to match.

  • 5ko

    @ Jonathan
    It`s true that next year OKC will not have enough money to sign Westbrook and both Ibaka and Harden.
    But i really can`t see them let Russel go, their front office will probably move Ibaka or Harden.

  • Tony


    the Thunder are not simply going to let Westbrook get away from them. It’s not as if Sarver is the owner of the Thunder and therefore there’s no chance the Suns pull a Joe Johnson move and get Westbrook. If worse came to worse, the Thunder would move either Harden or Ibaka to retain Westbrook. The only way the Thunder even entertain the idea of letting Westbrook go will be if he becomes more of a head case and fights with Durant to be “the man” on the team. If that happens, then the Thunder will be likely to trade him instead of losing him for nothing.

  • Scott

    @Tony –

    I agree. Teams that CAN keep their stars, will. Love and Westbrook are almost certain to stay with their teams, and they’ll get the best contract from that team.

    Terry and Allen are too old to be concerned about, and the Suns shouldn’t be all that interested in Lopez (already got one) or McGee.

    It’s also hard to see the Suns bidding and winning for Dwight Howard. If he leaves the Magic, he’ll go to team that is a contender and has won championships before.

    Gordon may want out of NO, but like Afflalo this year, he’s likely to be a hot target drawing more money than he’s really worth.

    Which leaves Deron Williams.

    Williams will probably end up bailing out of NJ due to a no-show by Howard. He’s the only one I see the Suns having a shot at, because – if I understand correctly – the Suns can offer the same amount as any other team, and Williams would probably prefer to go to a warm climate town. But the Suns would be a dark horse in that race, with Dallas being a more likely destination.

  • steve

    The argument that Sarver hasn’t signed any HUGE names besides Nash in FA is so tired.

    Name me 30 HUGE names who were signed by any (new to them) NBA team in the past 10 years. The Suns have 1, in Steve Nash.

    I bet you can’t come up with more than 10 teams that have signed more than one HUGE name in FA in the past 10 years. You probably can’t even come up with 5.

    So, don’t tell me Sarver hasn’t landed any big FA’s as if it’s a knock on him. NO ONE signs big free agents because it just doesn’t happen all that often.

    Sheesh. I can’t begin to comprehend the vitriol spewed at that man for what are questionable moves, at worst.

    Say it after me, “Sarver is not Satan. Sarver is not Satan. Sarver is not Satan…”

  • Tony


    tell me, are you related to Sarver? Your defense of the indefensible is astounding and pathetic.

    Firstly, even if your argument that owners don’t sign big free agents is true, then doesn’t that speak even more poorly of Sarver for clearing so much cap space for next off-season? I mean, if signing elite players is so infrequent as you claim, surely Sarver would recognize that and would not be so adamant about clearing cap space for next off-season’s free agents. What other purpose does Sarver have to clear so much cap space if not to attempt to sign top players?

    Without going too much into it, the top free agent signings of just the past few seasons included JJ, Amare, Lebron, Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, (sign+trade, which is basically an indirect FA), Chris Paul was going to leave via free agency and thus forced a trade, Tyson Chandler, and even Steve Nash. That’s obviously only a partial list but I don’t need to include more because of how moot your claim is.

    Then Steve you claim Sarver’s moves were “questionable at worst.” Are you kidding me? So selling the draft rights to Rondo, Gortat, Deng, and Fernandez were good moves? Not resigning JJ or Amare were also smart moves right? Or how about trading LB for Hedo, signing Childress, and overpaying other role players such as Frye and Warrick? Don’t give him credit for Gortat either, since he had him in the first place but refused to pay him, These are all questionable moves at worst?? You Steve are either related to Sarver or have no knowledge whatsoever of basketball.

    Finally, there’s a reason why Sarver is almost universally considered one of the worst owners in the NBA. This is not just me speaking, but so many Suns fans and NBA insiders.

  • steve

    I fail to see how it’s indefensible. I and plenty of others are spending quite a bit of time defending him against ridiculous haters such as yourself. Btw, since when has an owner been more responsible for personnel decisions than a gm? Just wondering? You blame sarver for everything bad that has ever happened and give him no credit for the good. You’re the one who is ridiculous, and as long as you keep spewing your pointless babble, I’ll continue to hold you in check. There are two sides to EVERY coin.

  • Tony


    Of course the GM is heavily involved in personnel acquistions, but refresh my memory, who hires the GM?? Anyone and everyone who knows Sarver has claimed he micro-manages the Suns franchise. So to believe that he wasn’t also behind most if not all the decisions made by the various GMs is naieve. When Sarver originally purchased the team, Jerry Colangelo, a highly respected GM with the Suns and who was very familiar with the Suns on personnel matters was let go by Sarver because he didn’t want to pay him. He replaces him with Mike D’Antoni, a guy who up until that time had zero GM experience. Fast forward to when he hired Steve Kerr as GM, another guy with no GM experience. And finally when Kerr undid most of his mistakes and was coming into his own as a GM, Sarver demands the entire front office take a pay cut. Naturally, Kerr leaves and low and behold Sarver once again hires another person with no GM experience in Blanks. However, before doing so, Sarver figures he can replace Amare by quantity instead of quality by bringing in Hedo, Childress, and Warrick, two of which are glorified D-Leaguers and one a former shell of himself.

    As far as the good decisions Sarver has made, please elaborate on them. Other than signing off on the Nash deal, which once again was initiated by BC not Sarver, educate us all. And do not include Gortat because we originally drafted him, but Sarver didn’t want to pay for the pick. Grant Hill was a good move, although he came so cheap that even Sarver couldn’t resist.

    Now tell me, did you watch last night’s Suns game? They were destroyed by a Nuggets team missing its starting sg in Affallo and with Nene playing only 8 minutes. Although you can make the argument that missing Grant Hill was a big factor in the Suns loss, even you have to admit that other than Nash, Dudley, and Gortat, the rest of the team looked like D-Leaguers as well.

    With that being said, keep drinking the Sarver-kool aid and believing he is a competent and generous owner. The more you do so though, the more ridiculous your stance becomes. I guess when Sarver is able to sign Dwight Howard and Derron Williams you can tell me I’m completely off-base in my negative view of Sarver. However, I’m willing to bet that there’s no way Sarver is able to get those signings done. I’m also willing to bet that as a consequence of not signing any top-tier players next off-season, Sarver once again overpays for decent to good players, thereby making the Suns barely mediocre.

  • steve

    So, you admit that sarver is responsible for recognizing the talent in D’Antoni and Kerr before anyone else, and you fail to see how that was good on his part? Btw, you ripped on childress again and i just don’t get it. Outside of last year, he’s been far above average in the nba.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • http://ValleyoftheSuns Ryan

    The article was definitely intended to be funny first and foremost. I hope that came off.

    You guys are all correct in that the Suns are a long shot to land a big name next year. If we’ve learned anything about the NBA over the last few years it’s that free agents don’t go anywhere that doesn’t have a hook. By hook, I mean something other than a big contract drawing them there. Miami had D-Wade in place. The Celtics had Paul Pierce. And the fact that they’re the Celtics. Places like New York and LA attract free agents because they are such big markets. The Suns need a hook.

    Phoenix may not be a huge market, but it is warm, and that sole fact may play a bigger role in a free agent’s decision making process than any of us realize. This brings me to my main point. Somebody other than Nash has to step up and stand out this year. It may be a huge long shot, but if somebody like Gortat, Brown, or Dudley can have a career year this season, it might help make the Suns a more attractive destination. If a free agent could say to himself, “Well the Suns already have Player X in place, maybe I can sign there and contend” then Phoenix can compete with the bigger markets for the marquis guys. The guy most likely to be that piece is Gortat. If he can become one of the top 5-7 centers in the league then guys looking to win or at least perennially contend might be more likely to “bring their talents” to the Valley of the Sun.

  • Tony

    Steve, you are seriously giving Childress props? The guy can’t shoot and his defense is overrated. You really think he’s worth his contract???? With all sincerity, how are you related to Sarver? That’s a serious question by the way.

    As far as Kerr and Mike D, once again Antoni was recruited by JC and it was a mistake for Sarver to hire both D’Antoni and Kerr as GMs. My point about Kerr turning it around was only to say that after costly mistakes, which he himself admits, he figured out how to be an effective GM. Unless he becomes a GM again, we won’t know if he would have continud making strides as a GM, but the Suns franchise was coming off a great season that he helped orchestrate with trading for Dragic and Lopez’s breakout season. However, at that point, Sarver forced him out.


    you are absolutely right that the Suns need a “hook” as you call it to attract top level talent and frankly, at this point they don’t have it. Any success the team or individual players on the Suns team have this season will be largely a result of playing with Nash. Assuming Nash leaves to play for the Knicks, which to be honest I hope he does at this point, will make it even more difficult for Sarver and Blanks to recruit elite players. Or, if Nash does stay for another year, it still won’t have a dramatic effect on recruiting since he’ll only have another year or so left to play. So even if Gortat has a great season, unless he can show he has developed a highly effective offensive-post game, it will only be natural for people to consider his individual success as a result of playing with Nash. Last season, Gortat scored from Nash’s assists something like 70% of the time. If Gortat is going to be that “hook,” then he’s going to have to prove he can be very effective on his own. As a consequence if this does not happen, these “elite players” are not likely to give him or anyone else on the Suns team much thought.

    At this point, considering the Suns situation, the only chance I can see for this franchise to regain its form is for Sarver to sell it to a very wealthy and knowledgable person whom is able and willing to take some short-term financial losses to completely overhaul this organization. At the minimum, this would breath new life and excitement into the Suns organization and to most Suns fans. This would also entail firing Babby, or at the very least, reducing his influence on player recruitment matters. As of right now Blanks’ role is more of a glorified scout than a real GM because of the lack of autonomy. Babby has no business being involved in on-court basketball related decisions. Next, this new hypothetical owner is going to have to overpay very good players so as to attract top talent later.
    Finally, the draft process will be critical for the Suns. Since the team’s scouts have only really drafted one good player in Dragic, obviously it’s time to overhall scouting as well.

    Unfortunately, since Sarver way overpaid for the Suns organization, it’s probably only wishful thinking that he sells the organization for a loss any time soon. In particular, so long as Sarver has his enablers like Steve, he will be able to con just enough fans into thinking just wait till next season when he claims he will sign the next Dwight Howard or Darron Williams, which will never happen.

  • steve

    Childress can shoot. Look at stats instead of acting like you know anything. Btw, i don’t think he’s worth his contract, and h should have been amnestied.

  • Troy

    Dwight Howard – Yes, if he’s still available by next year. Slim chance of that.
    Deron Williams – Yes, if he doesn’t re-sign with new team Nets, who are also trying to get Howard.
    Ray Allen – Great player, but he will be 37 in 2012 & may only have 1 or 2 good years left. Not the future of franchise. If Suns can get two other franchise players, he could help in playoff run.
    Gerald Wallace – Could be good fit, but franchise player? He’s not even best player on the Blazers.
    Jason Terry – Small for a SG, not even a starter, and will be 35 next year. Not franchise material.
    Russell Westbrook – Yes, young and great upside.
    Eric Gordon – Another good choice, as he can score.
    Kevin Love – Good size, gives you a double-double almost every night. Can he play in up-tempo Phoenix?
    Brook Lopez – Suns already have one too many Lopez’ on team. He can score, but Suns need rebounds and defense. Not sold he can be franchise player.
    JaVale McGee – No
    Would obviously go with Howard, then Love for a big man. Guard, would select Williams, then Westbrook, and would settle for Gordon.

  • BJCG

    Gentlemen the only way Sarver will land a Top tier free agent (Howard or Williams) and place the Suns back on the map, is to sell the Suns back to JC for less then half of what he paid. Cause that’s about what the Suns franchise is worth right about now!

    There is however one way that he (Sarver) could redeem himself. Sarver must address the coaching situation first. Sarver needs to hire a coach such as Phil Jackson at whatever cost, then will players like Howard and Williams want to come to Phoenix. They don’t want to come and play for Alvin who has for most of his time coached the Clippers. Phil Jackson is well respected and Steve Nash could resign for a below market to win a Title in Phoenix.