Shannon Brown breakdown video

  • Sun-arc

    Interesting. So he can’t handle defensive pressure against him and can’t create his own shot except for slashing. Our biggest weakness last year, outside of defense, still exists then. We don’t have a second go to guy after Nash. Bummer.

    But brown will fill some of what JRich gave us in an athletic 2. Brown can’t shoot like JRich, but he can probably defend a bit better. He will be fun to watch at least.

  • Morgan

    He’s going to be a really good pick up. I can see both Dudley and Brown combining for 25pts a game splitting time at the 2. Brown is going to be a better shooter here in Phoenix. Brown’s shot looks consitent. With a little work he can shoot 40% from there. I’m excited.

  • Morgan

    I think a lot of people aren’t seeing the suns as a threat to make it to the playoffs. I think that is foolish. They don’t have the distractions like other teams. They are going to have chemistry, and they are deep. If the team gels and plays better d and rebound better they can sneak in with the 7th or 8th seed. I really think Denver, Portland, New Orleans, and La Lakers will struggle. There’s too much drama in La with a new coach. The Lakers will make the playoffs but they are going to struggle. The suns have a opportunity here they just have to be hungry and go get it.

  • Jonny

    The Suns have an opportunity to surprise allot of people this year IF they play well as a team Offensively (because only Nash, Hill, and maybe Telfair can create their own shot) and most importantly if they play solid defense and rebound they will be a force. Because they are deep they will do a lot better than many teams with the condensed schedule. They have shooting, athleticism, 3 7 footers who will get regular minutes. Its all there they just have to make a commitment to defense. If say the Suns were a top 5 defense they would easily make the playoffs. Im not holding my breath for that though.