VIDEO: Phoenix Suns practice 3-on-3 drill

  • sun-arc

    Nice to see some video of them practicing. Post as many of these as you like. I can’t make it to any of the open practices, so these are great.

    Shannon Brown looks good. We should be alright at the 2 for sure. I think we’ll be good in every position except 2nd unit PG (potentially) and maybe PF- although I still believe in Warrick, if he plays that position still.

    Ultimately, I’d like to see Chilly play some 2 & 3, Warrick play some 3 & 4, and Fry play some 4 & 5. I think we can really confuse some teams if we can pull that off. If you think about it, we could play these arrangments:

    Tall ball:
    Gortat/Lopez, Frye, Warrick, Hill/Chilly, and any PG.

    Small ball:
    Frye, Hill, Dudz, Brown/Dudz, Nash/Price

    Offensive power:
    Gortat, Frye, Warrick, Hill, Nash

    Defensive power:
    Gortat / (maybe lopez?), Morris, Hill, Dudz, Price

    Gortat, Warrick, Chilly, Brown, Price

    3-pt barrage:
    Frye, Morris, Dudz/Hill, Brown, Nash

    The last two would be fun as “way-ahead garbage time”. Or, the very last as a desperate way to get back into a game.

    Anyway, potentially lots of options/arrangments, lots of depth/talent, and hopefully a lot of fun.

  • sun-arc

    * corrections:
    small ball should not have Dudz twice… only under the SF position.
    offensive power should have Brown instead of Hill

  • shazam

    wow not sure how i missed this on search..awesome..thanks for posting this :)

  • DDD

    nice! Im with shazam, I didnt see this on search but nice find while browsing through the site. more please!
    anyword on whose the starting SG and whose gonna back up Nash

  • JamRock

    Wow, Telfair can’t run a fast break. Every time he’s leading, it becomes a half court set.