Arron Afflalo: Phoenix Suns free agent wish list

  • shazam

    lets get him ..totally agree

  • sun-arc

    I’ll take two.

    Seriously, what’s not to like. He might be inconsistent on the offensive side, but he’s really perfect for us. I’d love to get him. He might be an overall upgrade on the SG from Richardson because of his defense. And he’s younger.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Last season he played basically 3 quarters a game and got you 4.2 points per. So if he plays a full game say, 40-42 minutes, he’s going to bring you around 16 per game? Okay.

    JMZ played roughly two quarters per game last season, (2 quarters & 2 minutes), and gave you 11 per which ends up being around the same workflow. his PER is almost 16 too. Arron’s is almost 14 if you’re into that sort of thing.

    I guess my point is that they’re basically the same guy at the end of the game, and we already have JMZ. Also, if you bring in Afflalo and have him rotate in and out with Dudley it could make us better…

    But then the fact remains that we have no go-to scorer, unless the Suns are of the belief that THORTAT!?!?!? and his MONSTER HAMMER OF POLISH LEGEND is going to be that guy.

    For me, Afflalo is a yes *IF* there are plans to have a go-to scorer in Gortat or at the 3 [not Grant Hill] or the 4. Nene? D. West? Doubt it.

    He’s a no *IF* PHX would hope to bring him in as that scoring option, in my opinion.

  • Claire

    He’s a nice player, but not what we need. There are other guys on our team who already fill his role. I’d rather have a Chuck Hayes or a Reggie Evans (the rebound machine, himself).

  • Kaleb

    What we need is to trade vince carter to Oklahoma city and pick up James harden. Im not sold on Gortat. Let him go and pick up a big man whos going to get you some fuggin rebounds!

  • PHX suns fan in LA

    totally disagree with kaleb….why trade gortat? he will be a dbl dbl machine

  • Evan

    As a life long suns fan i must admit that it doesn’t matter, this team is at the beginning of a 3 year period of sucking. I still hope though, i look at this team and it has talent, it is deep, they just have to play well, particularly on defense, but lets face it that is not going to happen not because of personnel but because of couching. Gentry is a good offensive couch, but a bad defensive one, and a bad head couch, he does not mange the players well, and does not do a good job with play calling particularly late in games. He does not put enough emphasis on defense and rebounding. All defense is, is communication, effort, and desire, and it is the couches job to instill that in a team. Gentry wont do that and so I hope at least we bomb this season really bad, trade away nash to save him from this, get some extra draft picks, as well as one of the top picks in next years draft which should be deep. Fire gentry and bring in a couch that stresses defense but also runs on offense.

  • sun-arc

    @Rich. I see your point. But, AA is way more athletic than Dudley. But, still- yeah, Dudley is getting to be this good as it is. But we still need another SG, unless Pietrus is it. Personally, I’d rather have AA. But- I’m not going to trade Dudz for him either.

    Gortat is not going to be a go-to scorer ever. He’s a good center. Not great. Take away Nash, and he’s maybe 2/3 of the player he was last year. Nene is no go to scorer. We can’t afford West (or Nene).

    @ Claire: We have a lot of needs- but, mainly at the 2 & 4 spots (unless our Rookies turn out to be better than expected out of the gate). We can certainly use Afflalo. We could certainly use Chuck Hayes too. Evans is great, but if we keep Nash, we need someone at the 4 who can hit shots from outside of 6′.

  • Evan

    WOW my bad i meant coach not couch. dman i need to stop drinking before noon

  • sun-arc

    @ evan:
    First off, I agree that the best thing would be to bomb this year and get good picks.
    But, I think Gentry is a decent coach. I have no idea how he is at “couching”. Probably decent. I’m not bad at it myself. (I mis-spell all the time too)

    Anyway- the suns know Gentry isn’t all that hot on the defensive side, which is why they hired a defensive specialist for this year. Hopefully they can be a cohesive hard-working team this year like ’09-’10, and go deep into the playoffs after a short season. But if not, I hope they bomb and trade Nash/Hill, as you suggest.

  • Geo

    what about shannon brown from the lakers, he would be a great slasher with his athletic abilities. He could turn into that be another scoring threat. Just saying.

  • sun-arc

    @ Geo: I like Shannon’s game, but he’s not a go-to scorer either- which seems like a real need at our 2-spot with Nash on the team. So, he might not be perfect for us. He’s athletic and seems to have heart, but he’s no J-Rich. And he’s just as small.

  • Tony


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Affalo a restricted free agent? As such, the only way the Suns will be able to get him is by way over-paying him since the Suns will have to compete against the Nuggets and the likes of the Bulls, Celtics, and some other teams to acquire him. Thus, if Sarver is committed on signing a max player or two in 2012, it does not make sense to overpay for Affalo, who is a pretty good player no doubt, but obviously not a franchise player.
    The Suns should see if they can acquire Affalo at a reasonable price, but other than that, they should not waste their time and money on trying to bring him to Phoenix.
    As far as 2012 goes, I am not convinced at all that Sarver will be able to sign any max-worthy players, in particular either of Paul, Williams, or Howard, the three biggest names in the next free agency period. That leaves a lot of very good restricted free agent players such as Love, Westbrook, and Harden, followed by several good players. Obviously, the Suns need to find that new franchise player to build around, but it is not like the team is in a position to sign one of them in 2012, because elite players, whom can get max dollars elsewhere too, are far more likely to sign with winning franchises than they are to go to a team like the Suns and make them a 7th or 8th playoff seed team. As far as I see it, the Suns only chance is through the draft. However, with the Three Stooges running the show for the Suns, it is not likely they will draft a future elite player that they desperately need.

  • Scott

    I basically agree with Tony. Afflalo is a restricted free agent, and – according to rumor – a highly coveted one. Someone is going to overpay for him, and while the Suns could get him, he doesn’t really offer that much more than what the Suns already have.

    Furthermore, the Nuggs have such an extremely low payroll right now, they’re under no pressure to sign and trade him.

    Afflalo is one of like maybe 4-5 restricted free agents who are almost certain to stay with their team. Probably the only RFA more likely to stay with their team is Marc Gasol.

  • Scott

    @Mike -

    I enjoy the videos you guys produce, but if possible please try to balance the volume levels in the different sources? I had to turn up the volume to hear Gentry in the video, and then nearly got my ears blasted out when the loud music returned.