7 Seconds or Less: The Christmas Mirage

Adrian Wojnarowski, a person that shares three things with me; 1) Writing About the NBA 2) A Name Starting with an “A” 3) A Polish surname had received information from his sources (oh, how we love those) about the commencement of secret CBA lawsuit settlement negotiations. As usual, Woj turned out to be the one of the few reporters with reliable sources throughout the course of these negotiations, with numerous other outlets confirming with their own sources. Given that there’s only so many people that know about stuff like that, my guess is that some of them overlap though.

The point? The points is quite obvious: Save Christmas, save it before it’s too late. The deadline? Friday. (Friday… Friday… Friday…/Where is my Mind?!)

While after hearing that for a second my imagination traveled my twitter timeline, sending virtual fist-bumps and hugs to each other, David Stern and… well, Billy Hunter, I guess, shaking hands, training camp reports, and finally opening night, a night where all of the teams will probably play, given the proposed 66 game season.

Then, I snapped back to reality. First, I dug in, and found that “settlement negotiation” detail. However, Larry Coon reassured my initial opinion, that a settlement would include a CBA.

As sources started filling in more and more outlets, more fun information surfaced:

  • David Stern quietly suggested abandoning the MLE limitation for tax teams
  • Derek Fisher is not participating in either meeting (thanks to union disbandment, he can rest from this mess)
  • The NBA plans a 66 game season starting on Christmas Day
So, let’s see if I got this straight…
Lawyers fighting with lawyers on a rushed schedule?
The NBA willing to make concessions?
Oh, Boies and Kessler will smell some blood.
The Christmas Mirage will break tomorrow. How? Boies and Kessler will try to milk the NBA as soon as they see one little concession. Once that happens, David Stern tells them to, erm… get out, and that’s it for our Christmas hopes…

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