7 Seconds or Less: Steve Nash Appears... On a Lawsuit

Apparently after a summer of making all the celebrity girlfriend rankings panic and change their Sports section to include Steve’s new girlfriend, shooting a ball right at Marcin Gortat’s *akhem* balls, releasing a new line of clothing and doing other Steve Nash things, autumn and the NBA non-season made Nash go right back to the game that made him who he is. And it wasn’t one of those terrible charity games.

And what better way for perhaps the greatest leader in basketball to lead the charge, than to join in on the NBPA’s freshly amended lawsuit filed in Minnesota.

Now, this could mean a few things depending on the way you look at it. Since I’m an unbiased blogger, I’ll try to give you the full spectrum of reactions to this news, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Panic: Oh my god, Nash is leaving the Suns because he’s suing Sarver, because Sarver’s a hard-liner. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

The Meh: Who cares, I’m going to watch hockey.

The Truth: Nash is probably the smartest guy in the league in terms of both basketball IQ and real-life IQ. Also, he’s a genuinely nice guy, a philanthropist and a Canadian, who’s vastly underpaid by his owner (10 million for a two time MVP… Robert, you’re so lucky). When you’ve got Carmelo and Baron Davis signing a lawsuit, you better balance it out with someone who can actually generate some sympathy from the judge there. The little things matter, y’know.

So there it is, guys. Nash is one of the few actual role-models we have in this game, so Boies wants to use him to strengthen the “poor betrayed players” talk in front of a judge.

Here’s a fun fact: Had there been no lawsuit to prep, he’d be preparing to battle with Chris Paul in a game against the Hornets.

Oh well… At least we can watch Canadians playing hockey, right?

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