7 Seconds or Less: Let it Burn

Some men just want to see the world burn. 

This will not be a turning point in sports Collective Bargaining history.

This will not be a case that goes further than an appeal.

This will end with a weird deal where whoever will have the bigger courts odds on their side.

And while we might pretend that this will end quick, that we’ll start another season on February 5th, just like in ’99, the truth is simple: This does it.

I’ve had it with hope, I’ve had it with people telling me this’ll be over soon. It won’t.

Hell, you know what? The NBA should burn. Burn out every option, go to supreme court and establish one solid precedent for the future. Make it easy on Gary Bettman and co. Make it easy on all the poor Collective Bargainers and tell them, where bad faith negotiation starts.

I guess, I just don’t care anymore.

Let it burn and let everyone else warm themselves around it. NHL, MLB, NFL, MLS…

Enough is enough, NBA, I’ve lost faith in you.

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