NBA lockout update: Games canceled, lawsuits filed, paychecks missed

The NBA informed teams that all games through Dec. 15 have been canceled, according to an ESPN report, but really that’s more a function of the calendar than anything else since it will take about a month from deal to games.

The league’s proposed 72-game schedule would have started no earlier than Dec. 15 anyway, so the bigger news on Tuesday concerns a host of players, including Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, filing class-action lawsuits in California and Minnesota.

Tuesday also marked the first official day that players missed a paycheck. The Arizona Republic compiled a list of the checks Suns players could not cash today:

Steve Nash: $962,929
Marcin Gortat: $559,229
Josh Childress: $494,117
Channing Frye: $461,176
Mickael Pietrus: $436,470
Hakim Warrick: $354,118
Jared Dudley: $350,000
Aaron Brooks: $247,058 *
Robin Lopez: $238,824
Markieff Morris: $174,632**
Zabian Dowdell: $64,966 ***
Gani Lawal: $64,966 ***
Garret Siler: $64,966 ***

based on the restricted free agent’s qualifying offer

** based on the rookie’s slotted salary

*** based on their contracts’ team options if they make the team

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  • Scott

    Those are some very nice paychecks. Even the smallest is greater than the annual pay for half the working population.

    It’s funny how one’s perspective changes. When these guys were kids, getting by on normal family income, making this kind of money was probably a pipe dream. But now that they are wealthy (at least the older ones who are calling the shots), what once seemed grand now seems small, what once seemed a windfall now seems less than what they are entitled to, or deserve.

    I don’t buy the argument that the current players are looking out for future players. That’s a transparent rationalization for simple pride and greed. Things are not so bad with the CBA that the NBA should be threatened by the players with decertification and lawsuits. If it was accepted, the players would still be making a ton of money, and the owners are generous … they are not even remotely the “slave owners” they are accused of being.

    The owners will pay high prices for the talent they want. The players will be as well compensated as the CBA (and its loopholes) allow. The players should just accept they are getting a great deal (maybe not as great as before, but still great) and go play.

  • Steve

    So, Robin Lopez is about as useful as a sack of bricks, and he could pay off my house in one week. Fantastic.

  • Zak

    I’m sick about it all. The players got a great CBA last time around… but things have changed. Yeah, pro athletes have a shorter career lifespan than almost anyone else but some of them make more in one year than I could make in TEN lives… and I had to take a pay cut to hold on to MY job so what makes them so much more special than me? Because my work isn’t entertaining anyone?
    Don’t take my comments wrong. I fully believe that the players deserve to be well paid but come on… NBA players have the highest average pay of ALL professional athletes in the entire world and they don’t even play in the most popular sport in the US let alone the world.
    I actually think that there are quite a few players – those who aren’t “stars” – who realize and accept this and that’s why the union didn’t put the last offer to a vote by all the union members. I’ve been reading stories elsewhere that some members aren’t happy with not being able to vote on it themselves.

  • PHX suns fan in LA

    lol @ steve

  • sun-arc

    Can you imagine losing out on a $1m paycheck??? Geez. That’s gotta hurt even someone like Nash.

    And, yeah- I’m with Scott- no way these players are looking out for the younger ones.

    the owners and players are so very lame.

  • Daniel

    Brooks signed with a Chinese team for the season. The contract is supposedly worth 2 million. The season starts this weekend and goes til the end of February which makes me think he actually received a raise.
    Hopefully this will make the suns go after a back up point guard that can actually be a guard of the future…

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    I would really like to see the owners tell the players that they are shutting down the whole league. No more NBA! What could the courts do to them? What would the players do?

    A few of them may get into sales. Some may work in group homes for eight dollars an hour. Some of them may work at the local car wash.

    Then, in a couple of years start a new U.S. pro basketball league. Players like Kobe, Lebron and the other stars would get paid one million a year. Others, maybe 750,000. Average players would get maybe 250,000, and the bench players 100,000.

    The players would still travel first class and have all of their meals paid for while on the road. Take it, or go work at the car wash.

    Ticket prices would range from a high of twenty bucks to a low of five bucks for kids. Disabled folks and foster kids would get into the game for one dollar and fifty cents!

    The new league would have a hard cap and a minimum that each team has to spend. All teams must obey the rules, or not be allowed to join the new league. This may actually be a type of Obama plan that would work for a change!

    Take it or leave it. If players like Lebron think that they can hit a major league curve ball, go see Michael Jordan and ask him how that worked out!

    Good luck with that one!