7 Seconds or Less: No More Bluffs, More Excuses, No More Basketball in 2011

Last week was David Stern’s last bluff.

There are no more concessions, no more negotiating sessions, no more lockout watches on twitters, and no more hopes. This is the end of the line, an end that comes sooner than later because a) Stern doesn’t want less than 70 games. b) Both sides focus on their egos over reason. c) The players are misinformed because some “sources” just can’t shut up about fake details of a new CBA.

No more Nazr Mohammed telling people to forego the draft, there might be no draft to forego.

No more Jared Dudley trying to show his smarts by explaining the problems with the deal to his followers.

But a lot more excuses from both sides.

With the players coming into to a key juncture in the talks the odds are shrinking. While Etan Thomas’ interview with ESPN, or their tweets might just them trying to force the owners to concede some of the points, I truly doubt that the players and especially the agents representing them, will let this slide.

This is the end of the line, folks, and tomorrow, I’ll be writing about what all you Suns fans will be missing because of hard-liners. Hard-liners on both sides.

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