Marcus Thornton: Phoenix Suns free agent wish list

  • GB


    No No No No No.


  • Scott

    I like his scoring ability, but I’m not convinced he’s a great fit for the Suns.

  • PHX suns fan in LA

    ^^ totally agree, we need guys who play D lol

  • gtj

    i think he could be just what the suns need, best case, hes the next joe johnson, worse case, the next leandro barbosa, he would look great in purple and orange

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    He is a MATADOR on defense. Not just because of this video. He really is!

    So you want to put that beside Nash? Train wreck. I’ve always said, you have to at least have a 2 who can defend so you can hide Nash on the guard who is less of a slashing threat.

    Besides, should just stop with these videos really. I do appreciate them, but if the Amnesty Clause gets in this free agency period is going to be scorched-earth good.

  • sun-arc

    Thorton is NO joe Johnson. Geez, not even close. Joe is a great defender at multiple positions. This guy is, as stated above, a matador. At best, he’s a poor man’s Jason Richardson. But I think JR defends better.

    Personally I don’t think this is a great fit. Too small, and we need a better defender at this position- or at least someone capable of defending.

    I don’t agree with Rich. Keep making the videos. It’s great to see who are potentials for us to pick up.

  • Mike Schmitz

    I agree that he’s an awful defender. The Suns obviously need defense, there’s no question about it. But for the money they have it’s impossible for them to find a perimeter scorer AND a defender.

    @Sun-Arc: Thanks for the encouragement. The videos will definitely continue. And I think you guys will agree a lot more with the next one I’m doing. He’s a perimeter defender but not a great offensive player. So basically, he’s the anti Thornton. Guess away.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    The thing is, if a few things in the CBA make it, then those on the radar now will be so far off of it in say, a week.

    Not only will people have to be formerly released, traded, and signed, this will be multipled a ton by the amnesty clause if it lands inbounds.

    Our writers should get together and do something like a potential amnesty draft board. ESPN sort-of kind-of touched on it in one of the 5 on 5′s they ran, but if Nash remains this is an ideal destination for really good players, (who we consider terrible players because of their inflated salaries), to come in and take starting positions and really make a run one more time.

    I mean, that seems to fall in line with what our front office has been screaming during this past season anyway.

  • Steve

    I like the vids too, but I do agree with rich about a mock amnesty fa bonanza. It’d be fun to speculate.

  • Scott

    I think it’s a good idea to look at potential amnesty candidates as free agent possibilities, but keep in mind that a lot of the players who’d receive amnesty probably aren’t players the Suns would want.

    Rashard Lewis, Gilbert Arenas, Marvin Williams, Mike Miller, Luke Walton, and Brandon Roy are some of the likely amnesty targets.

    I think Michael Redd, a FA, is a possible target for the Suns.