Phoenix Suns free agent wish List: Chuck Hayes

There’s so much uncertainty surrounding the NBA that it’s tough to even speculate on the free agent market and who will go where. But what we do know is that the Phoenix Suns don’t have much money to spend and are in the market for a big man, a scoring guard and possibly a backup point guard, depending on what happens with Aaron Brooks.

With that said, over the next few weeks I’m going to look at a few guys who I think the Suns can afford and should go after this offseason. These will be realistic players with feasible contracts, as the Suns don’t have the cash to land an All-Star.

The first name that stood out to me is Chuck Hayes. The 6-foot-6 bruiser is an unrestricted free agent and made $1.97 million last season as he averaged 7.9 points and 8.1 rebounds. Hayes is affordable, while fitting the Suns’ needs — defense and rebounding. Watch the video above for a detailed breakdown of how he could help the Suns.

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  • Scott

    I like Chuck Hayes, but I don’t see the Suns picking him. I’m not a great basketball mind, but it seems to me the Suns tend to pick players for their offense first, and with the idea of playing them off of Nash. If the Suns did not have Nash, Hayes might be a more credible pick, as he’s inexpensive and a hard worker.

    Right now, I think the Suns would rather play a perimeter shooter like Frye or Morris at PF to spread the floor for Nash pick and rolls with Gortat. If Lopez heads off in a trade and Frye moves to 2nd C, then I think who plays the majority of PF minutes becomes more of a question. Hopefully the answer is not Warrick. (No disrespect to him, but he’s too light for that role; I’d rather see him at SF.) If the Suns don’t pick up another PF, my vote would be for Morris to play a fair number of minutes at PF, maybe with Frye starting and closing at PF, in addition to playing C for the 2nd unit.

    I don’t know if Morris is going to be a star, but I’m hoping he’ll at least be competent and able to hold down his position. I’m expecting something like a combo of former Suns Rodney Rogers and Tim Thomas, but with 10 rebounds a game.

    The Suns have said their top need is for a creator / crunch scorer, who is probably going to be a SG. This is a very big problem. And as Carter demonstrated, just getting a SG isn’t necessarily the whole of the solution. All the players need to be a little better at creation, and this is where the loss of a camp and preseason can really hurt the Suns.

    I’d like to see them also pick up a more credible back up / future replacement for Nash at PG. Even if Brooks recovers his best form, I’m not sure he’s the right guy for the job. If Benu Udrih gets amnesty from the Bucks – a possibility, if they are liking what they’re getting from backups Livingston and Boykins – he might be one of the better candidates for the job. Whoever the Suns pick, they need to be a great passer.

  • JohnVancouver

    I can’t see any way that bringing in a guy like Hayes could hurt the Suns. Hell, bring back Cedric C

  • Willi Germany

    I love Chuck Hayes! If the Suns can get their hands on him I will jump of joy.

  • Billy

    I believe Hayes could help the Suns, I believe you need to trade Lopez and get another big, I believe the Kings have a lot of young talent that would be available.

    We need Point Guards that will and can play defense, score and run a team. Since we will keep Nash let’s get him to help coach and teach the position.

  • sun-arc

    I like him, but not sure he fits with our system with Nash here because he isn’t a great pick-n-roll player, nor outside shooter. However, if Nash should be traded, he could be a good asset. And at the 4, he’d be great along side Gortat.

  • roscoe

    Nice video and analysis. I like his defense and rebounding. We sure could use him. But man that foul shot is ugly. Almost as bad as Barkley’s backswing. It would make it hard to play him in crunch time.

  • hayesfan7

    Looks like some of you need to actually watch a game when Chuck Hayes is playing. Not only did he improve his free throw shooting (66.7%) but he is a great pick & roll player. Pick & Roll doesn’t always mean the picker has to score. Chuck sets such a great pick, the point guard can get all kinds of open looks. No team is going to leave Steve Nash open, so you can bet if Chuck rolls to the basket, Nash will find him. The guy had a TRIPLE DOUBLE last season. How many CENTERS can you name in the last 5 years that did that? And Chuck is 6′ 6″

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  • Claire

    For the love of God – pick this man up and get him some minutes. He’ll wear out Dirk and Kobe. We haven’t had someone like that in a loooong time. Reggie Evans (Toronto, unrestricted) is out there, too! And that man is a rebounding machine!