The Game That Could've Been: NBA 2k12 Simulation Suns vs Thunder

So, I’d have a video for you, but thanks to my “delete before you look at it” attitude, my recording has been deleted. Hopefully, I’ll make up to you next week along with your favourite (the one and only) Andrew Lynch.

However, as promised, I did simulate a game with NBA 2k12’s association mode, using “Real 2k Insider’s Rosters” (with rookies, easily found on xbox), watching what would’ve been the first game of the season.

The result? The Suns lost 82-113, courtesy of the Durantbury combo who combined for 54 of the Thunder’s 113 points. James Harden added insult to injury by scoring 19, and Ibaka finished up the deal with a double-double of 10-11.

On the Suns side, however, the stats surprised everyone, as Steve Nash committed 6 turnovers while only dishing out 3 assists. Unfortunately, his 22 points could not make up for the mistakes he has made in his ball handling. Many questions where thrown around concerning Nash’s age, with many claiming that Nash has deteriorated already.

On the plus side, Marcin Gortat was not bothered by Nash’s passing insufficiencies and still managed to post 12 points and 11 rebounds, while not missing a field goal or free throw. A perfect game is a perfect start for what might be a breakthrough season for my favourite big man out of Poland.

Grant Hill showed no signs of age either, putting up 12 points throughout the course of the end. And, he did limit Kevin Durant to less than 30 points, something that’s never easy.

It’s really a shame that the Suns didn’t manage to beat the Thunder who were coming off a opening-night away win against the Lakers. You just must take advantage of teams on the wrong end of a back-to-back.

As the Strat-o-matic simulation is around the corner (coming to soon), you can’t help but wonder which simulation will be better. With Nash’s box score, however, 2k12 presents an error in ratings and tendencies that I will manually fix.

Coming soon… The strat-o-matic results and box score comparison between the two simulations, and my realism rating for both! Stay tuned.

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