ValleyoftheSuns celebrates third anniversary as optimism reigns in lockout talks

On this day three years ago, joined the basketball blogging community.

We can only hope that David Stern and Billy Hunter decide to give us the gift of ending the lockout after Thursday’s 7 1/2 hour session yielded progress and optimism on the systems issues. We will soon find out if that momentum can frame Friday’s discussions on the revenue split in a better way than last week when the BRI talks fell apart.

Hunter is now saying the players and owners are “within striking distance of getting a deal,” and Stern continued the good vibes by adding, “There are no guarantees that we’ll get it done but we’re going to give it one heck of a shot tomorrow.”

Even if it’s not tomorrow, the sides certainly seem to be getting closer to a deal and the doomsday scenario of missing an entire season seems to lessen by the hour.

In that vein ValleyoftheSuns is excited to celebrate our anniversary with a Suns ticket/ValleyoftheSuns T-shirt giveaway that will be announced Friday morning and a live blog chat Saturday afternoon to NBA TV’s rendition of Game 6 of the 1993 NBA Finals. We would be honored to have your presence in the contest and the live chat, which should be a fun stroll down memory lane so long as the real season isn’t quite ready to start just yet.

Although it has naturally slowed during the lockout, I’m excited about the growth of this site the last three years and where we are headed in the future. ValleyoftheSuns and the TrueHoop Network will strive to continue to be on the cutting edge of how to cover professional basketball next season with added wrinkles such as Vokle postgame shows after select games.

Whether it’s a week, a month or (God forbid) a year, the days following the end of the aftermath promise to provide a basketball analysis frenzy unlike anything we have ever seen as teams re-plot their futures in light of the new cap rules. We hope you stay with ValleyoftheSuns every step of the way.

And 1

  • Steve Nash joined men’s apparel company Indochino as an investor and now has his own “Steve Nash Collection” line of suits that he designed himself.
  • Nash on Hunter’s quote about being within striking distance (via Twitter): “Feels like Xmas eve.”
  • Nash and Grant Hill were quoted on “owners’ hypocrisy,” in a recent Jason Whitlock piece.
  • As Tom Haberstroh writes, LeBron James took to Twitter to recruit Nash to Miami “so we can help each other get our 1st ring.” Too bad for LeBron such a trade would be nearly impossible since Miami does not have many trade assets assuming Chris Bosh wouldn’t be available. Tweeted Jared Dudley on the LeBron tweet: “He’s a smart man!! Steve’s the best!!”

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  • AnacondaHL

    Congratulations Mike! You’re a great writer and I look forward to your content.

    Also, you guys have to check out Nash’s indochino site (linked above), the modeling pictures are absolutely incredible.

  • Drew

    Mike, many thanks! This site has been my lifeline to real Suns fan discussion. It’s been about eight years since I’ve lived in Phoenix, so I come here to get my Suns talk fix. Congrats!

    Now, with the NBA season looking very hopeful, I’m focusing my attention back on the Suns and their immediate needs.

    (I know this doesn’t align with the post)

    I’m only curious: with Allen Iverson’s recent buzz about wanting to get back in the NBA (again) and IF the Suns trade Nash for a great rebuilding asset, under those circumstances, would it make sense for the Suns to sign AI? It’s been said many times we need a scorer, and that he can do. And we could pay him very little since he’s dying to play. What do you all think?

  • sun-arc

    @Drew – AI is not what he used to be. He isn’t even what he was when he last left the NBA. There HAS to be a better choice out there than AI, who is essentially an elderly Aaron Brooks at this point. Shoot, even Brooks is better to keep than to get AI.

    It is a dream to suggest this- but we should be going after CP3, Deron Williams, or Westbrook as Nash’s Heir. Not that either of those teams will go for that. But a three team trade with someone might be able to get it done. Stranger things have happened.

    Here’s hoping we have a season starting soon.

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks for the kind words guys!