Five Reasons to be Excited About the Suns Season

I know what you want to say.

We all want to say it right now, with all the Paul Allen party busting, George Cohen facepalms and Dan Gilbert’s guts. “What season?”

But since I’m a) a basketball blogger b) a person who bet 10 bucks on the season starting before January while being kinda short on cash, I don’t have a choice but remain optimistic. Hell, even if the season doesn’t happen, we can be talking about an NBA 2k12 edition of it, right?

Either way, as much as I hate exciting people about something, before it inevitably crashes down to the ground along with my 10 bucks, my blog posts, and a lot of other things me and other people will lose if this crap doesn’t end right now. Unfortunately, I have to write about something, this is a fansided-wide deal, and making hate poems to Robert Sarver might be considered a bit unethical. So, let’s get excited!

More Steve Nash to Marcin Gortat Pick-n-Rolls
You might consider it a testament to the loss of Amar’e and wallow in the pain of the teams mediocrity. On the other hand, you might consider how big of a godsend (or should I say Otis Smith-send) “The Polish Hammer” is to Phoenix. Imagine if one of the reasons for excitement were pick and rolls involving Robin Lopez. A gruesome vision, isn’t it? So let’s just get excited about the one really good young player the Suns have, eh? Oh, and speaking of our favourite afro…

Robin Lopez Getting Traded
Wait what? Robin Lopez is not getting traded! Really? So why are the Suns investing in Marcin Gortat and Garret Siler’s training with “The Dream” and not Robin’s? I can imagine the Suns actually getting some value from Lopez (or rather his family name) from an incompetent manager. (looking at you, David Kahn) As a bonus, imagine Rick Adelman berating Lopez for his play during a game against the Suns. A beautiful, exciting vision, isn’t it?

One Last Run™
Robert Sarver seems to want it, Steve Nash wants it, Grant Hill (who will probably re-sign) wants it. Perhaps it’s time to tank for Phoenix, but the management and the players didn’t get the memo. The Suns have a solid roster, one that a signing of a wing can potentially strengthen (unfortunately all the good fits are in China right now) their squad even more. Last year, they were a few lucky breaks from reaching the playoffs with a team that was barely starting to sync. Now that Marcin Gortat is settled in, and Vince Carter is (probably) gone, the Suns might have just one last shot at a playoff run. A championship is rather improbable, but, once again, I doubt that anyone in the organization got that particular memo.

As fans we might do two things. Either scream “Free Steve Nash!” and “Suck for Davis/Drummond/Barnes/Rivers” at the top of our lungs or we can embrace that will to win and just hope that the Suns find a way to win. And with the delay of the season start, I honestly don’t want to be waiting so much time just to watch my team suck.

Elston Turner
If anyone can teach guys like Nash, Brooks and Frye good defence, is newly hired Elston Turner. He has great credentials and is sure to improve the Suns, and give some help to the extremely dedicated Hill and Dudley. An added bonus: He can teach Gortat how to help on D without looking like a lost lamb out there. If anything can help that One Last Run™ it will be defence. And if anyone can help defence, it’s Elston Turner.

Marcin Gortat’s Post Game
While I’ve already spoken about the Nash-Gortat pick and roll, which is pure bacon-wrapped goodness, and I have already mentioned Gortat’s five-day (although I read reports of six days) training session with Hakeem Olajuwon. Given that it’s the longest any active player spent with “The Dream” learning post moves, Gortat, who has a nearly identical sports background to Hakeem (started off as a soccer goalkeeper, picked up Basketball in his mid-teens) might have been able to pick up more from the silky smooth center than, say, Dwight Howard. Can you imagine Marcin dream shaking the pants off of Andrew Bynum? I can. Hell, I did it in NBA 2k12.

But this is just me. The Gortat obsessed Polish-Canadian who will never accept defeat. So my question goes out to you, my dear readers. What are the things you are most excited about the (*akhem*) upcoming season? And which Sun did you use to dream shake people out of their pants in NBA 2k12? Let us know in the comment section!

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