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Leave Aaron Alone: Ending The Brooks Saga Once and For All

Imagine if the Suns had the 23rd overall draft pick they’d given up for Aaron Brooks along with Goran Dragic. Imagine drafting Jordan Hamilton or Marshon Brooks, near perfect fits for the system ran by Alvin Gentry.

Now, wake up. See the painful reality. Robert Sarver traded an OK backup point guard along with a first round draft pick for an OK backup point guard who has been overrated due to an award that can be paraphrased as “He Sucked Less Than Last Year” in many cases.

Despite the claims that Brooks is the PG of the future for the Suns, a notion I cannot help but call out as pure and utter bull… How can a guy who can’t even run a proper pick and roll, hell, a guy who can barely pass the ball to his teammates be the heir to Nash’s throne?
  The change in power that eventually caused the French Revolution (Luis XIV -> Luis XVI) was a lesser drop in quality than a transition from a Nash team to a Brooks team would be. With nearly all the personnel set up for Nash (see Gortat, Frye, Warrick), the Suns never really gelled with a guy I like to compare to Vince Carter in J.J. Barea’s body. Why? Brooks is unwilling to pass. Hell, unable to pass, that’s why. When you have one of the best pick-and-roll finishers in the league in Gortat, a stretch four in Frye and

In a team that needs defense off the bench, Brooks is an utter disaster. At least Steve Nash is trying, you see, while Brooks… Well Brooks is plainly terrible. Given that the Suns have a defensively (and teamplay wise) capable point guard in Zabian Dowdell, losing Brooks wouldn’t be that bad. But even so, defense is not the biggest problem in all that will transpire once we finally have an offseason to talk about.

Brooks is not going to be cheap. There will be teams, wooed by his MIP award and forced by a PG market that basically includes Brooks, Barea, Ford and Mario Chalmers, when it comes to near-starting quality PGs. Oh, and there’s always the option of Allen Iverson joining in, but even if this happens, the market will still be insanely small, both in player size and in player worth.

That said, I bet there’s going to be a team willing to overpay Brooks for his services. My bets are on the Hornets, who will probably be getting ready for losing Chris Paul either via trade or Free Agency, and I’m guessing that unless they have a Paul for Westbrook offer on their table, they’re going to want to lock up a Point Guard fast. Something also tells me that despite his humble claims, Brooks wants a lot of money, and knowing that Phoenix potentially can be the next Miami when it comes to cap space (depending on the new CBA, of course) coming into another loaded Free Agency, the team doesn’t have the comfort of spending a lot for the future.

Robert Sarver, Lon Babby, if you’re by some weird twisted chance reading this, please don’t try and legitimize your mistake by re-signing it. Or, if you have a good sign-and-trade offer from a team in need of a point guard, take it. Whatever you do, don’t make us watch Aaron Brooks play the point all over again.

Also, Mr. Sarver, if you’re still reading this: The next thing I hope you bring home in a designer bag are the money you’ll get from selling the Suns.

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