Robert Sarver continues to take heat, Amare Stoudemire's rant

Suns managing partner Robert Sarver has taken relentless heat from the Phoenix fan base since buying the team from Jerry Colangelo in the spring of 2004.

He’s been criticized for making cost-cutting personnel moves that have played a big part in the Suns’ decline from a Western Conference powerhouse to a fringe playoff team. As the NBA lockout drags on, Sarver’s reputation is worsening by the day, this time on a league-wide level.

Over the last few months multiple reports, including this story from ESPN’s Chris Broussard, have pointed to Sarver as one of the most frugal members of the owners contingent. But none of that criticism was nearly as bad as what Yahoo! Sports NBA writer and lockout specialist Adrian Wojnarowski had to say about Sarver on Chuck and Vince Live on Wednesday morning:

“I think Sarver’s been the most difficult. He has been really the last couple years in this. I quoted an owner, an ownership source, the other day in a story that he talks so much and says so many outlandish things in these meetings, people tune him out. You know him in Phoenix. He can erode his credibility by just opening his mouth very often. While he is the hardest line of the hard-liners, he is not going to dictate where this goes. He led the charge on wanting the hard cap, on wanting to get rid of the mid-level exception, but at the end of the day, he is not a powerful voice in that room. He’s one of the last owners in. He’s probably one of the least wealthy owners. And he’s probably one of the owners who really have to honest look at whether he should really own an NBA team. Does he have the wealth to really do it and do it right . . . I do think guys like Sarver are willing to lose the whole season.”

Amare Stoudemire’s rant

The Basketball Jones shared a short video clip of former Phoenix Suns power forward Amare Stoudemire ranting and raving at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards. In this seemingly intoxicated rant (see the eyes), STAT touches on everything from his hometown of Polk County to Jay Z and Kayne West’s new album Watch the Throne. This is a must watch:

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