Steve Nash Phoenix Suns improvement video

Steve Nash is clearly the heart and soul of the Phoenix Suns franchise. The above video in no way discounts the fact that he’s still one of the top point guards in the NBA. He’s the best passer in the game and one of the most efficient point guards ever.

But as I wrap up the offseason improvement video series, Nash and Grant Hill are the only two players left to analyze. So what’s Nash’s one and only weakness? Defense. So take the above video in context given the theme of the series and realize I in no way doubt that Nash is still one of the top point guards in the NBA.

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  • sun-arc

    whoo hoo- lot’s of positives in there!

    Great points on defense. Though, it is obvious if you’ve watched him through the years. This last year was a poor showing even for Stevie. Seems like in the 2010 playoffs, he had some pretty decent defense. He’s capable. I saw it this year when he played John Wall, for instance – though Wall is a smaller guard too.

    No matter what, though- he’s still the most fun guard to watch play the game. Every game there is going to be a moment of absolute mastery!

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    R u kidding me? You even did an offseason improvemebnt video on steve Nash? Do you forget how many times this guy was an All Star. he won the league’s MVP too. What can he improve upon? And will he ever be able to impove? After all, the guy’s pushing 40. you can’t expect much else more from him