Garret Siler Phoenix Suns offseason improvement video

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  • sun-arc

    hey- you said something positive… yay!

    That dude needs a lot of work. A. LOT.
    Not sure what it says that the coaches and execs want him to get playing time and paid for him to work out with Hakeem O. What is it they see? Are they choosing Siler over Lopez, and want to trade the latter?

    Mike do you have a feel for answers to those questions?

  • Mike Schmitz

    Haha. I’m actually thinking of doing a similar video series with things that each player does well that you wouldn’t think they would do well. That is if the lockout keeps going.

    They’re definitely not choosing him over Lopez at all, but Siler is an intriguing prospect and someone worth taking a flyer on given the lack of big men.

    He has a ton of work to do as the video suggests. One thing I like about him though is that offensively he is actually pretty fleet of foot. There were a couple plays that made me wonder if someone could turn him into a solid pro.

  • sun-arc

    thanks. I hope Cartwright can do that for him.

    I did think he showed some offensive skills (excluding that time he watched a Nash lob float over his head like it was a UFO). And the amount of weight he lost shows he’s willing to work really hard. I’m just not sure he’s got the talent or hops to play D or rebound.

    I’m glad I’ll be able to look foward to your positive video series OR a season!

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    If u r going to do videos like this–do it for players THAT ACTUALLY MATTER. It is doubtful this guy will play for the Suns agian, let alone in the league. Focus on folk that will actually still be on the team once the season starts.

  • Steve

    I would bet on siler being back. He’s cheap, hard-working, and big. His value for practice alone makes him worth the min.

  • Mike Schmitz

    @ Jt’s hoops Blog: If you’ve followed this website and my videos you know that I’ve done a video like this for every Sun except for Nash and Hill so far. I’m just finishing up the series.

  • shawn

    Totally off topic but I hope we have a season cuz I saw Rudy gay on TV yesterday and he looked fat. I don’t want any of my suns coming back out of shape.