Mickael Pietrus offseason improvement video

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    You’re right on the money desribing Pietrus’faults. He’s basically a raw athlete with little or no fundamentals. That’s why he shoots so terribly. Now he has it in his head that he’s a jump shooter. That’s far from the case. he will remian at best a fringe role player.

  • sun-arc

    So… your saying he’s a chucker?

    Pointing out all his weaknesses is easy. He takes bad shots, and his form isn’t the best. He’s so big for his position, seems like he should learn some post-up moves.

    But, I’ll re-state: I sure wish these videos could include what they do well. And, for MP, I would have liked to see what he can do to improve his defense as well.

  • Mike

    Right, so Pietrus isn’t a shooter but he’s a solid defender, of course these videos won’t talk about DEFENSE because it’s a SUNS FAN making the video. Forget defense when offense is far more important. (sarcasm)