Aaron Brooks offseason improvement video

  • Kevin

    What exactly made Brooks different now than his breakout season? I can’t really see that an injury is the cause as he seems to be able to do everything. Any ideas?

  • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

    I think perception is a big thing. Brooks was a high usage, low efficiency point guard who struggled passing to bigs last year and couldn’t defend, but he got up enough shots that his stats looked great (20 ppg). Nothing in this league is more overvalued than scoring and Brooks put up big scoring numbers his breakout years, which I believe caused him to be overrated. The same deficiencies were here a year ago, just most people were more apt to gloss over them.

  • Jon

    He needs to be more like Nash, run the offence efficiently, and be able to hit shots, oh and be better at defense, he will never be nearly as good a facilitator, he can be close at shooting, he has potential to be a better defender if the whole team defensive system uses him right. Its possible for this team next year to be good, seriously the talent is there, there have been less talented teams that have done really well, seriously the 04 pistons comes to mind, we would have to play that kind of defense though, and im not holding my breath on that ever happening with the SUNS i gave up on that years ago.

  • Evan

    Seriously this is all for nothing until the NBA realizes that because basketball is so popular around the world, players will be able to play all over the world, if the NBA wonts to continue to be the ultimate primer league and continue to have the best players in the world they will have to pay the players as such. The players must realize that for global economic reasons, the American NBA will no longer be able be far and away the best, it will still be the best but it will be closer, many players will go to other countries. One day maybe, there will be 4 separate leagues through out the world, the NBA, Europe, Brasil, and China, that each would send 2 teams to a single elimination tournament played in a stadium on the freeking moon. Imagine the dunks at 1/4 the gravity, the hoops would be at 20 feet, yet people would be dunking from the 3 point line.

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    He’s too small to be a SG, but that’s what he is. He was that in college. He had that great year in Houston and won Most Improved Player, but then disappeared the following season. I don’t see him being any better than he is. it was a bad move for the Suns to have traded Goran Dragic for him. Dragic had the best potential to be Nash’s successor.