Josh Childress Phoenix Suns offseason improvement video


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  • sun-arc

    geez. I thought he was a better defender than what is shown in the video. I guess he’s good on isolations, and not so hot on anything else. Are the defensive situations where he struggles when he was being played at the 4? Seems like he should be able to handle post up situations on 2′s at least.

    If he works on his shot, he’ll still be a heck of an asset. He’s fast and a great slasher. Seems like he’d be a great fit to play with Nash, if we go back to a SSOL style.

    I love his attitude and work ethic. I want this deal to work out. I loved watching him play with Atlanta. We need him to be that player again.

  • JohnVancouver

    I’ve always been high on his defensive talent and motivation, his general heads-up play and hustle. I still think he can be a Trix-type player for us – defense, rebounding, finishing at the rim and on the break. I just hope he’s getting help with his shot this summer

  • 5ko

    Oh my god,….that guy is gettin 6M a year!!

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    yah’ll probably asking the same question: WTF happened to Josh Childress? He did so well in Atlanta, and he kicked so much ass in Greece. I was expecting him to replace Hill in the starting five. It’s ironic that a guy that shoots 56.6 from the field needs to work on his jumper (LOL)

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    6.3 percent from three point? 49.7 from FT? damn!!!!

  • Scott

    What it looked like to me is that Childress jumps to the side when shooting in an attempt to avoid contact with the onrushing defender. If he could discipline himself to stay on his spot and not fear the contact, it would probably help his accuracy. Right now, team scouts must be saying, “Just fly at him as he shoots and he’ll miss.”

    Childress also has an astonishingly low FT% (less than 50% last year), which probably contributes to his desire to avoid shooting contact, as he likely dreads going to the line. However, he should look at being fouled during shooting as a plus, even if he misses his shots, because he is at least getting the opposing team and player into foul trouble.

    If he can take the burden of missing free throws off his shoulders, perhaps it would free him to return to his prior form, which was around 80%.

    Defensively, if Childress was moved from SF to SG he might find himself in a more favorable position regarding height, weight, and strength.