Hakim Warrick Phoenix Suns offseason improvement video

  • sun-arc

    As always, Great analysis.
    I think his biggest problem is consistency. Seems like some games he really played hard, and even had flashes of defensive ability. Maybe the new defensive “coordinator” will get more out of Hakim on both ends. I’d like him to work out better. But if Morris plays better defense, I’d rather see him get minutes over Hakim.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com Mike Schmitz

    @sun-arc: You nailed it on the head. Sometimes he looked like Amare, and sometimes he looked flat-out lazy. I think a lot of that comes from effort and the fact that he has a lot of holes in his game — defense, rebounding, inconsistent shot — and they get exposed over time.

  • john marzan

    he needs to juice up like david ortiz

  • Steve

    I’m with john marzan. Give that man some steroids!

    Gaining 30 lbs would do wonders for his game, but it’s not going to happen (and it probably wouldn’t even happen with roids).

  • Jon

    This seams to be a re-occurring theme with these improvement videos: defense and rebounding. Which is all about effort, mentality and coaching. He needs to work on his shot, dont care about his post up game because that is not the kind of player he is. If he develops a mid range shot, cares about defense and rebounding, (actually uses his athleticism on the other end) he will be a decent 2nt team PF with Markeef at center, (get rid of Lopez)

  • sun-arc

    @Jon- completely agree. There just seemed to be a lack of effort from most of our players last season (with notable exceptions of Dudley, Hill, Frye, Gortat, and Nash). Hakim, Lopez, Brooks, Pietris, and Childress need to have their butts kicked by a coach. I’m hoping the defensive coordinator will change the culture of the bench.

  • Mel.

    @sun-arc – I agree, but… seriously. Can you blame them? The team went through three major roster adjustments in the span of a season, with at least two of those completely nuking the existing chemistry and lineups/player roles.

    A guy like Warrick comes in being told that he’s going to be expected to shore up losses from a departing superstar, only to watch his moments get soaked by an out-of-shape, unmotivated has-been who’s content to play the 4 like the 2. Duds found himself in the same predicament with VC, and Robin had to contend with the exact opposite effect when Marcin came in; reduced court-time due to having someone play the lights out in the same position.

    With those kinds of personnel issues, it shouldn’t be shocking that the team wound up demoralized and flat-footed, or unable to foster any clear sense of sustained identity/purpose.

  • sun-arc

    @ Mel: All true. Still, being a fan, I can’t keep myself from feeling any Sun should be giving their all night in and night out, ala Barkley, Marley, Nash, Marion, Raja (till the last month as a Sun), Socks, Dudz, Lou, and Gortat. Plus, I would have thought the ones with energy would have rubbed off on the ones without at some point. But to no avail.

    Still- you are absolutely right. Its just me dreaming I guess. Or at least hoping the next season, whenever it happens, will get them all in line.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    J Chil gets a pass.

    He simply wasn’t used, but when he was used, he was a straight demon on the court. His defensive energy was outstanding and he always made sure to “Matrix” easy buckets.

    You know what you’re going to get from Warrick when he gets 20 minutes a game. He is what he is and he’s been around long enough for people to understand that he isn’t going to change.

    Facts are, (while we wait for Lawal to heal so we can see exactly what he’s about), Hak is still our only real hard-core-give-me-the-rock-off-the-pick-and-i’ll-crush-it-on-somebody’s-son roll man and I’m sorry but that’s what I want him to be.

    That’s all I want him to be.

    Morris, Gortat, and even Frye can strive to be better on the boards and on defense. Some players, on every team, you simply have to allow them to be who they are and the coaches have to make sure they contribute.

    The one, singluar think I’d want him to work on all summer and until the lockout is over is that mid-range jump shot. That’s it. If he can get that on easy-mode, then that’s an easy 18 PPG off the bench.

    I’ll take it.

  • Mel.

    True story, sun-arc. I think that lack of spark stemmed from Gentry, who had one of the shortest “honeymoons” as a coach in the last three seasons. He went from creating a spreadsheet system that involved ten players in every game to being handed a bunch of spare parts and poorly-informed acquisitions, with the expectation of shaping them into a winning team… I don’t hold the resulting underperformance against him, since he was just being a good soldier.

    Play Hedo over Warrick/use him as a proxy for Nash in the second unit? Sure.

    Play VC over Dudley, despite the obvious issues with motivation and the piss-poor choices he’s making in late-game decisions? Roger-dodger.

    That kind of thing is what absolutely kills otherwise-competent ball clubs. Look at the Warriors or T-Wolves; it’s practically etched into the DNA of the franchises.

  • sun-arc

    @ Mel- correct you are. God, I hope this doesn’t become a pattern like the T-wolves. That would be painful.

    @ Rich- yeah, I’ll give Chilly a pass. I badly want the guy to succede. But Hak can and should play better D. No excuses there. But he should improve his mid-range shot to be more effective.

    Hopefully we see the engaged Hak and other players when they start playing again.

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    He is and will always be a transition player and nothing more. Give him credit, however: he was quite productive for the minutes he played, but that’s more likely because of steve nash finding him the right places.

  • slim

    there are plenty of #s that say that Hakim Warrick would be just as good an SF as Carmelo Anthony.

    Less handle more efficient and dominant in the post. Slightly less usage in the paint, more transition buckets.

    I don’t know if Nash is the throw it in and defensive transition type PG but it would work.

    Easily score 20ppg in that scheme (5 ppq).

    ?? :(

    He can replace Stoudemire, lol just against SFs.