Robin Lopez Phoenix Suns offseason improvement video

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  • Steve

    Man, there is so much promise there. So much, but I really don’t believe he’s ever going to amount to anything in the NBA. If he can turn things around, I think the Suns could have a surprisingly successful season next year (when has having two quality 7-footers ever been a bad thing?), but I think there’s about a 1% chance of that actually happening.

  • Geo

    Hope lopez has a quick turn around and be effictive in the second unit. Dont think Gortat will let the starting position out of his hands. Lopez should commit to the second unit and help them become a great unit again.

  • Mel.

    In terms of lateral movement, foot speed and the ability to run the pick and roll, Lopez kinda succeeds in making Marcin look like Dirk… not good.

  • Evan

    Even if he could score like his brother, his brother is just like him on D and rebounding, soft and pathetic. There is nothing good about his game, he has no chance of improving because he has shown no desire to do so, last summer he could have tried to bulk up knowing almost all of the hopes of the suns making the playoffs rested on his shoulders as he was our only real big man at the begining of the season, he injured his leg out of the gate, ok that happens but he should have hit the gym and bulked up his upper body so that when he came back he would not get pushed around, but no. He is too timid with the ball in his hands, and moves so slowly and awkwardly. He does not go up with any sort of power and starts hook shots from his hips so he gets blocked by much smaller players. Honestly, i can not think of one positive thing to say about him, we should just cut him and be done with it.

  • suns critic

    I see you Schmitz, bringin’ the rjd2!

  • GoSuns

    I disagree Evan, Brooke is an above average rebounder and youre right about his defense, but Robin has good defense fundamentals and has potential there and think thats why we originally picked him he’s like lebron in the sense that they both have roadblocks in their head, but in Robin’s case does he actually want to commit towards getteing better or atleast where he was and does he want to do that with this organization

  • john marzan

    Lopez has a low ceiling. I’d be very happy if he improves on his FT and shooting efficiency.

  • john marzan

    the improvement areas are all unrealistic… except for postup offense.

  • sun-arc

    I agree with GoSuns and disagree with Evan. Robin showed serious progress in his second year in every regard. He was nearly an enforcer, blocking shots, keeping guards out of the paint and playing decent defense. And he could seriously dunk, and often did ( What that clip- it’s like watching a different player. Here’s hoping he gets his groove back.

  • Steve

    To say that the ceiling a big-bodied MONSTER like Lopez is “low” is wrong, in my opinion. His ceiling is actually quite high, in my opinion. At his size, he doesn’t even have to be a good player to be an effective player. I think what Evan might have been trying to say is that his drive won’t get him anywhere near his ceiling, and I think that’s a pretty fair statement. Robin hasn’t shown much in his entire career (college included) to make me believe that he has any desire to be THE man, in which case I think he’ll be the type of guy who will be on an NBA roster for a long time because of his size and athleticism, but ultimately not amount to much other than a cheerleader.

    I think his ceiling is pretty high. He could be VERY good if he wanted to/wasn’t limited by injury (whichever is the case). But “could” in his case is something like a 1% chance. There’s a far greater likelihood he’s content being a bench warmer. Some guys are fine with that role. Maybe he’s one of them.

  • Markus

    It’s probably not a good sign when your list of areas in need of improvement basically encompasses every single basketball skill for a player at your position.

    Lopez lacks so many things as an NBA player at this point, and has shown almost no drive (at least from my armchair perspective) to correct them. Rebounding, defensive fundamentals, and post moves are all developed skills and could most certainly be improved with hard work. Athleticism isn’t something that can necessarily be corrected with offseason drills in the same way as the other needs unless Lopez’s lack of it really is caused by an unhealed injury.

    In the end, I think Lopez is going to be a pinball bench player most of his career. He’ll have a good season followed by a bad one and basically skim along on all of his “potential” for a good long while. If he can develop into a solid back-of-the-rotation guy that the coaches can use for specific matchups, nights when Gortat’s in foul trouble, and so on, then he will likely have reached his peak.

    That said, I really hope I’m horribly wrong and he suddenly becomes the next MIP, but being a Suns fan has a tendency to destroy one’s optimism.

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    The problem with Robin Lopez is that he is the wrong kind of player for Phoenix’s offensive system. The Suns have always been and up and down run and gun team wheras Lopez is more a half court post player. I figured the reason he did not play so many minutes was that he could not keep up with Steve Nash. Maybe they should think of trading him.