Jared Dudley Phoenix Suns offseason improvement video

ReTweet from @JaredDudley619 himself

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  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Mike with the SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!! Sample!

    Vid was good. Though, I’m not too worried about JMZ. He’ll be ready.

    That last part about needing more touches in the post screamed to me the most. I mean a lot of people have already forgotten what kind of game he had in college. I’m sure he could dominate most 2s down low.

  • Momochi Sandayu

    Look at Duds in beast mode down on the block…

    Guy can move when he wants to… Those must be some of his best dribble penetration clips, because he was looking more brisk than I remember him being during the last few seasons…

    The vertical is suspect when he’s moving that fast… A problem I know all too well…

  • KLS

    Can we just call him Dud the Stud from here on out? I love the guy’s energy and complete willingness to improve.

  • Suns Critic

    Next season he needs to be given the chance to be a starter again. He deserves it! If we make anymore moves It ought to be a PG of the future.

  • PHS Suns Fan In LA

    anyone think if te lockout ends we can trade lopez and peitrus for jr smith?

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  • Steve

    Nice, JMZ is checking up on the blogosphere. Good to see.

    I don’t care if Dudley is a starter or if he comes off the bench, but I do care that he gets more attention in post-up situations if he has the mismatch. I’m not a fan of the game when it’s just “camp on the line and wait for Nash to kick it to you.” That’s not basketball’s version of “the beautiful game.” Ball movement, teamwork, and an inside-out game are where it’s at, in my opinion (what I mean by inside out is working it inside to the post and having whoever is posting dish it out to the perimeter. Think Shaq’s Lakers, Duncan/Robinson’s Spurs). Nash is fantastic to watch, but in so many ways, I don’t think his game can win in the NBA. We need to focus our attention on the blocks.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    I disagree, Steve.

    In order to have an inside-out style of offense, you need to have a beast at either the 4 or the 5.

    We haven’t had that kind of player since Barkley, and without that type of guy you simply can’t run that type of offense.
    Some will scream at me and say Amare was that guy, but he wasn’t. He was an elbow-attack / PnR stud that couldn’t execute a true low post game to save his life.

    As far as Nash goes, even though I’d like to see the franchise give him a shot at a title [via trade] I don’t put the lack of an inside-out game on him. Actually, he is our inside guy by definition in the way he probes off of the pick, it just isn’t conventional, (but he isn’t either).

    If JMZ does end up starting, meaning, you know, really starting, then I think you’ll see more of a J-Rich type of design with him in that he will operate in 3 major areas.

    3 Point Line, Left / Right Elbow, and Baseline Switching with the opportunity to post up from the baseline and elbow when he’s deep enough.

    He’s probably our best post up guy. I mean, he used to be in beast mode down there and his size would allow him to beast guards at the two. If anything, I’d have Gortat working out with him just to help get his footwork right down low.

  • http://harrismurrieta.tumblr.com harrismurrieta

    I love the use of the Atmosphere instrumentals!

  • Jt’s hoops Blog

    He was one of the few bright spots on the Suns, in my opinion. He has amazing strength and uses his body perfectly when attacking the basket. He won’t be an All Star, but he’s like Shannon Brown–a solid player who can contributing big time in crunch situations.