Suns draft Markieff Morris. Solid pick, but I was looking for something different

My dreams of Jimmer in a Suns uniform died when the Bucks drafted Fredette (before sending him to Sacramento), only a handful of picks before our 13th pick. With that pick the Suns selected PF Markieff Morris from University of Kansas.

Does this pick make sense? A lot, actually. Do I like it? Not at all.

Why is it a good pick? Morris was probably the safest pick the Suns could have made. He’s a solid player (13.6 points, 8,3 rebounds, .589 FG pct in a tough conference), great NBA body, strong and capable (at 6-9) to play around the rim in the pros. Solid inside presence, good rebounder, fierce defender: characteristics the Suns were in desperate need. So basically the Suns drafted an almost sure thing, possibly a solid pro in years to come but with limited upside, according to most scouting reports.

A player with solid future as a “complement” but not someone you could try to build around the future of the franchise.

Why I don’t like it? Well, it may sound romantic but I was looking for new life in the franchise, I was looking for someone with great talent and huge potential, someone we could have talked about the entire Summer, to bring youth and life to an old team. A big risk, maybe, but one with a potential big return.

The Suns are already in a rebuilding process, even if it will become clear only next summer (or next February should Phoenix be out of contention for a playoffs spot).   

Of course I hope Morris has a long and successful career with the Phoenix Suns, I’m sure he’s a great guy….but I wanted Jimmer, Kemba or Knight, I was looking for the next Steve Nash if you get my point.   

I was looking for new hope…I wanted “the future”, I got the present, instead.

Yours truly, Luca the “Steve Fan”

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