ValleyoftheSuns podcast — Draft edition

In this NBA Draft edition of the ValleyoftheSuns podcast, Michael Schwartz and Mike Schmitz discuss the prospects likely to be available when the Suns’ No. 13 overall pick comes up as well as some other moves the team can make this offseason and the importance of this draft to the new front office.


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  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Sat through that whole chat. Good stuff…

    I have a few avenues I’d like to go down that weren’t addressed in that podcast.

    First: Marketing –
    Alright so sure, Tristan is the pick that makes sense in relation to what the Suns need right now. I’m not so sure he brings people into the arena though.

    We are talking about Sarver here. I mean we all know that he’s basically allowing Nash to stay to pack the house. It isn’t a secret at this point, but if he has major influence on who is picked then you’d have to assume it’ll be Jimmer if he’s there.

    Nash + Jimmer + 22-foot screens = BOMBS. More importantly, that’s two money makers instead of one. I think Sarver would push for him even if Tristan and Jordan are there with Jimmer.

    Second: Trades -
    We need a 4 and we need a 2. We all keep looking at it as a draft-only scenario in filling those needs.

    Iggy is out there. Monta is out there. Milsap is out there. Orlando, New York, and Miami are basically camped outside of the castle walls offering first born daughters for Nash.

    I read earlier on ESPN that.. *chuckle* – sorry. that uh… *spits up water* – my bad. I read that PHX and MIN were in talks for some sort of Nash-for-#2 trade scenario.

    *** There isn’t a single player in this draft that I would trade Nash for ***

    If things like that are floating around, you have to wonder what teams like Orlando and Miami are digging around trying to get a hold of to offer a package of some sort.

    Also, as far as that rebounding issue goes, I really don’t see any hope for any 4 we have as long as Nash is at the 1.

    He is an instant rotation on defense and often times our 4 is having to rotate away from the basket. We keep talking about how Nash gets big contracts for guys, well I think Dragon got Lou that nice contract because he was able to stay in front of opposing guards thus, Lou was able to hang around the rim gobbling up boards.

    Hmm, in fact, that’s the other thing about Jimmer being the pick over Tristan if both are there. I mean hell, he can’t be WORSE than Nash on the defensive end as an on-ball defender, right?