2011 NBA Finals Random Thoughts: Big D, Coach Carlisle and the LeBron Fiasco

Before we turn our attention to the 2011 Draft when the Suns will traditionally pick either: (a) some good player and trade him for cash consideration or (b) someone with great potential who’ll be released a couple of years later; it’s time to close the book on the 2011 season with some final thoughts on the NBA Finals in no particular order.

I was happy the Mavs won, happy to see a solid team beat a bunch of superstars (real one like LeBron James and D-Wade or just self proclaimed like Chris Bosh, a good player at best).

It was nice watching Dirk Nowitzki perform at such a high level on the World’s biggest stage and Jason Kidd (a former Suns) finally getting a deserved ring almost at the end of a wonderful career.

I liked to see Shawn Marion win it all. I always admired the way he played and the energy he put on the floor and by the way, I still think that Marion-Nash-Stoudemire trio had at least another shot in them and was broken a year too early.

Rick Carlisle is one of the most underrated coach on the League, probably was I should say. The guy is a great basketball coach and is 11-3 in potential series clinching games. He did a great job as an assistant under Larry Bird, then coached the Pistons to the Finals, went back to Indiana before completing possibly his masterpiece with the 2010/11 Dallas Mavs.

Mark Cuban is a great owner. Sometimes – a bit too often but was strangely silent during the Finals – he speaks too much, but the Mavs are first class franchise from the Owner to the Arena: Everything is excellent and managed by solid professionals on and off court. I bet almost every 40-something male in America would love to trade place with him a fun loving billionaire owner of the NBA Champs. At least I would.

Didn’t Dallas use to be a football town? With the NFL lockout going on, the Rangers making to the World Series last season and now the Mavs winning it all…who need that pigskins anymore in Big D.

LeBron was of course the biggest loser in the affair. He had a very good season, solid playoffs and even won some key games for the Heat against Boston and Chicago but appeared tired and a bit overwhelmed during the Finals. James played 44 minutes per game during the playoffs, which is way too much to be sharp in the deciding moments of a mid-June game.

Of course, it all goes back to The Decision and the arrogance that went with it.

He promised 5…6…7…championships on the day he was introduced (before promising the 5th or the 6th you better win one) and he’ll be desperate to win it all next season. James feels like he belongs in the Jordan-Kobe group but unless he wins a few championship no one will rate him that high.

Had he stayed in Cleveland another season without a Championship would have been perfectly acceptable (Hey, it’s Cleveland), but once he decided to take his talents to South Beach actually stating that he felt he couldn’t lead a team to the title it was LeBron against his ghosts (Kobe and MJ never asked for help…got a lot of course, but never asked).

 And finally, please no more playoffs without the Suns, it seems like the last game I cared about was in ten years ago. May and June are so long….and I can’t even find relief in baseball, I’m a Cubs fan.

And now, on to the Draft!

Yours truly, Luca the Steve Fan

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