Schwartz-Gibberman season-ending video blog

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Interesting video, Michael.

    But, wow. I mean like, there is NO WAY that Phoenix would / can hold onto Carter, but then again.

    WARNING: To 90% of Suns fans who may read this next portion of my post, these written views are not expressed by anybody in the Suns’ front office and / or any of our esteemed bloggers. Please do not hunt them down with pitch forks or swim across two oceans to stab me.

    If the rebuilding effort does begin, and Nash, (and Hill), are dealt. If a lot of the bench players are tossed into the abyss, (don’t agree with sacking Childress), this team would need some sort of marketing chip wouldn’t it?

    As this site has shown, and really how any ESPN post-board shows, fans still love Vince Carter. he is still a draw. That’s what happens when you’re the best in-game dunker of all time.

    Factor in next season, where it doesn’t appear that the Suns will make much noise, there would be no pressure on Carter to carry the team really. He’d just have to go out and play.

    He’d have a full summer being the center of attention of the Warlocks and he’d have a team / system in place that would give him the freedom and space needed while allowing him not to worry about anything.

    He could be devastating, (for 30 – 40 games), at which time his trade value explodes as an expiring contract.

    He could be a big draw. A Cash Cow-lite for Sarver as the team gets ready for the future.

    I hate to say it, but the theory is sound.

    No, I don’t want him hanging around. I want him bought out right now. However, if everybody else is gone and nobody is brought in, we could see him remain.

    the lost draft pick is still so confusing. I don’t understand it at all.

    I do agree with, and have been begging for a bad rebuilding season. I still think that the core we will have to begin next season will not be the victims that Cleveland, Anaheim, (too soon?), Minnesota, or Brooklyn, (HOV!), have been.

    Lawal could end up starting! (ha ha), and become something. We don’t know what he can do yet.

    I don’t know why, but as much as I love the perennial dominant years, I love the “unknown” rebuilding years. I hate years like this though. Stuck in the middle.

    I love discovering a Michael Finely or a Matrix or a Sun Tzu or a Wesley Person, (KIN TO THE RIFLEMAN!!!).

    Will probably lose a lot, but I bet we’ll be one of the more fun teams to watch regardless.

    Support your local THORTAT!?!? and his Polish Hammer.

  • Kenton

    Agree with Rich on his one point that the Nash/SSOL years have been great for fans enjoyment, but I am also looking forward to the next couple of seasons and rediscovering a new Suns era. It’s exciting.

    I just hope you’re wrong about Carter stickin around, Rich.

    Either way, I’m moving to LA in a couple months; so Ill have to send good ju-ju to my Suns across state lines.