Channing Frye to miss 2-3 weeks with dislocated shoulder

Channing Frye suffered a dislocated shoulder in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Thunder and will miss 2-3 weeks. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

As the Phoenix Suns try to play themselves into the playoffs, the basketball gods are simply not making it easy.

On top of a tough loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, the Suns announced Monday that forward Channing Frye will miss two to three weeks with a dislocated right shoulder.

Frye suffered the injury during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game while attempting a layup. Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant came down across Frye’s arm, dislocating the shoulder. Frye underwent an MRI on Monday to verify the injury.

Losing Frye even for two weeks is a blow to the Suns’ playoff chances, and longer could doom their postseason hopes. Frye is averaging a career high-tying 12.3 points per game and, more importantly, a career high 6.6 rebounds.

The Suns take on teams over .500 in 12 of their final 21 games.

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  • PHXsunsFanInLA

    Not good…hakim needs to step up now and practice his jumpers lol…maybe we will see gani lawal??

  • Mel.

    Alright, let’s get Earl Clarke in g… uh…

    Yeah. How’s Gani doing, these days? LOL.

    Never a dull moment…

  • Nick

    I want to see Gani, but what are the odds of that happening?

  • Nick

    Oh wait, he had season ending surgery a while back.

  • GOsuns

    We will be alright, some guys def will need to step up though uhmm (rolo) and warrick I want nash to shoot a lil more

  • Daniel


  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Channing has been an assassin as of late. Game winning shots. Clutch baskets. Other misc. SPLASHES when his OIL IS ON HIGH!!!!!

    Its okay though.

    I suspect that most of his minutes will go to Hakim / Pietrus in a 60 / 40 fashion. Hak has proven that when he gets 20 minutes per, he will drop 17ppg on the heads of opponents.

    Go.. No, THORTAT!!!! Will continue doing what he’s been doing. If Hak is going to start I’d put Gortat with him and RoLo with the bench, (better jumper; spacing).

    If Pietrus starts….

    Actually no. I don’t like the idea of him or Hill running the 4.

    Either way the points will come. Its the glass that worries me as Channing has been pounding the glass hard lately.

  • Mike

    Frye is such whimp. Why he try to play tough if he’s not built to play tough? Stick to shooting next time Frye, or work on adding muscles if you want to play post and bump and grind.

  • Steve


    Not worth responding to.

    This is a bummer. I really like the way Frye has been playing lately. He has been contributing on the glass, playing some D, working down low, and it’s totally obvious he has been working on his game to become a more complete player. I like his attitude. If we’re going to have any shot at upsetting someone first round, we need him back.