The Weekly Wrap

I apologize for being a day (and a game) late for this weeks wrap, I wanted to wait for my heart rate to drop after back to back overtime games. The good news is that we didn’t lose this week (oh wait, we lost Dragic and a draft pick).


  • Win vs ATL: 105-97
  • Win vs TOR: 110-92
  • Win vs IND: 110-108
  • Win vs NJ: 104-103

This Weeks Leaders

  • Points per game- Marcin Gortat (16)
  • Rebounds per game- Marcin Gortat (9.8)
  • Assists per game- Steve Nash (12.3)

Three Good Things

  1. Channing “Clutch” Frye! Considering the competition from 5-10 in the West, Channing Frye’s back to back game winners could be the difference between playoffs and lottery.
  2. Marcin Gortat. 33 minutes per game is all Gortat needed to lead the Suns in scoring and rebounding this week. The Nash/Gortat combo is becoming a nightmare for opposing defenses.
  3. The 9th seed. The Suns moved ahead of the Jazz for the 9th seed in the West, and are only a half game behind Memphis for the last playoff spot.

Three Bad Things

I have three rules; don’t complain about wins, always maintain your swagger, and never play leap frog with a unicorn.

The Suns are by no means perfect… but if you can’t find satisfaction in victory what’s the point of being a sports fan?

Next Week:

This weeks Schedule is tough with road games against the Celtics, Bucks and Thunder. This week I’m going to shy away from my usual Win/Loss goal and just say I hope Phoenix do better than Memphis who play the Spurs, Hornets and Mavericks.

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