Trade links: Goran Dragic-Aaron Brooks reaction

Opinion on the newest Phoenix Sun, point guard Aaron Brooks, isn't particularly positive so far. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

The Suns again surprised Planet Orange on Thursday by dealing reserve point guard Goran Dragic to the Houston Rockets for Aaron Brooks.

Most (even team management) thought the Suns weren’t going to make  any moves at the trade deadline, but when the Rockets made Brooks available, the Suns decided one more change couldn’t hurt. With Brooks aboard for the playoff push, here’s what they’re saying about the trade…

  • Houston Chronicle columnist Jerome Solomon doesn’t seem impressed with Houston GM Daryl Morey’s maneuvering, and isn’t expecting much from the new Rockets: “Go ahead. Think about the trades with Memphis and Phoenix and try not to yawn. Is the person next to you yawning, too?”
  • Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic was able to get Dragic on the phone for a reaction. Coro reports that Steve Nash was the first to learn of the trade after turning on his phone when the team landed in Toronto, and he was able to get to Dragic before Dragic got to his messages.
  • Fellow TrueHoop blog Red94’s Connor Winn wasn’t pleased with the Rockets’ return on Brooks, arguing that he and the rest of Rockets nation had overestimated the point guard’s trade value: “Was I happy when the reported that the Rockets were in the preliminary stages of forcibly packing Aaron Brooks’ suitcase in exchange for a Pomeranian and a twelve pack of Purina? No, but I was less thrilled when I read Brooks was headed to Phoenix in return for Goran Dragic and a first round pick.”
  • Despite what Suns brass had to say last night about the trade, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons jokes (jokes?) that the trade means more: “Phoenix’s acquisition of Aaron Brooks (for Goran Dragic and a future No. 1 pick) opens the door for Nash’s departure this summer to Vancouver Relocated Franchise X. Can’t you see Nash crying during the Canadian national anthem at that first home game? He’d either be crying because of the emotion of the moment, or because it just dawned on him that Phoenix came within a botched boxout of Game 7 of the 2010 conference finals and then immediately gutted that team.”
  • The Phoenix New Times‘ headline pretty much sums up their feelings about this one: “Goran Dragic Shipped Off by Phoenix Suns for Ball-Hogging, Brick-Shooting Houston Rockets PG Aaron Brooks.” Ouch.
  • At SB Nation Houston, Rivers McCown calls this one for the Rockets: “Regardless of whether you think Brooks or Dragic is the better player, I think it’s clear the Rockets win this trade on value. It’s a pure challenge trade for the Suns, who are under pressure from their ownership to make the playoffs this season.”
  • Doug Franz of says Suns management made another bad move and blames them for Dragic’s regression this season.
  • Finally someone who likes the trade is’s Greg Esposito … but he also thinks it isn’t what the Suns needed.

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