Vince Carter's disappearing act

Phoenix Suns shooting guard Vince Carter is mired in one of the worst stretches of his career. He hasn’t logged a fourth-quarter minute in the last four games and is averaging a lowly 7.8 points over his last five contests.

After scoring 18.9 points per contest and shooting 44 percent from three over the course of his first 10 games as a Sun, Carter’s been MIA, missing his last 14 triples while connecting on only 15 of his last 45 shot attempts. The video above takes a closer look at the fallen star and why he’s slipping out of Alvin Gentry’s rotation.

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  • Kenton

    Haha @VC on milk carton.

  • Gary Boersma

    What can I say maybe he is just in a slump or is having some personal problems which is effecting his performance on the team. What ever it might be lets hope he gets over it as the suns with all their talent could sure use his talent and capabilities in the home stretch.

  • Steve

    Washed up. He has always been too lazy to really improve his game, and he has always been too much of a wuss to play through pain. I just wish there would have been a market for him so we could have dumped him before we’re forced to buy him out after the season.

  • Lloyd

    I would put Dudley back as the starting two. He was shooting lights out in that role earlier.

    Also, on, some of our local sports talk guys are pulling for the Suns to acquire Jason Thompson for maybe a good price.

    If the Suns can somehow make the playoffs, Thompson would give the Suns another big; and as we know, the playoffs turn into a half court game.

    It should be a great game tonight!

  • AnacondaHL

    Keys to the Suns making a run in the playoffs:
    – Steve Nash being superhuman as always
    – Gortat 30 minutes, starting or not
    – Vince never getting minutes in the 4th quarter to blow clutch shots and slack on defence
    – Frye not sucking a big suck.

    Don’t falter from the gameplan!

  • VCfan

    Men, I cant believe this people putting VC in blast. We all know how capable VC is when he’s healthy, Vince its been playing with a bad knee for a little while. U all ignorant haters lets see what happen when Carter gets healthy again.

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  • HonestVCfan

    @ VCfan it’s not about hating…

    it’s about VC not realizing that he is at a pivotal point in his career.

    1. he’s not getting any younger
    VC should realize that he might be an allen iverson in the coming years if he continues to slack off – would you rather play overseas or stay in the NBA as a respected and tough veteran who will provide defense, leadership and extra offense (Grant Hill style) he should play not with the same intensity as he had early in his career(he might injure himself) but with the same focus and desire

    2. he MIGHT find a spot in roster filled with stars but would he rather be a michael finley, gary payton,rasheed wallace, PJ brown(in their final years) type of player or would he be like grant hill or ray allen?

    the suns are known to have the best conditioning coaches in the league helping steve nash and grant hill prolong their careers. he really should think of that and work hard to make the suns want him enough to keep him

    i’m not forcing him to become another player but he really has to realize that with this attitude he might be playing with AI in greece real soon and i’m worried.

    the suns would go far if he focuses more and stopped clanking jumpers and look to score from cheap layups and play off of steve nash (damn he used to be every point guard’s dream)

  • DoubleClutch95

    I’m probably the biggest VC fan but even I have grown tired of his bullsh*t since he was traded to Orlando.

    The issue has always been his inability to change his game knowing one day he would not be able jump over everyone anymore.

    Also he hasn’t had a player like Oakley to question him since Toronto and get on his case for not being tough enough.

    It’s sad cuz I remember after his second year in the league ESPN was asking who was better Kobe or Vince?

    How crazy is that when you think about it today?

    UNC said Antawn was a harder worker & if Vince put in any effort he be better than Jordan but Vince never did.

    Vince has got to look in the mirror and ask himself does he want to be a player in this league or not cuz if so he gotta be more tough and play like he is the best player on the court (cuz he can be). If not just call it quits cause I hate looking at his box score and seeing that he only took 4 shots and played 18 mins.

  • brandon

    damn man vince is the best in the nba he’s just hit a slump wait till he gets got then youll see

  • Zak

    Whatever the reason, Vince has been erratic in his play since coming to the Suns and his stats have been steadily going down since the 06-07 season. I won’t even speculate as to why but statistics don’t lie. He’s averaged 14.2 PPG since he joined the Suns. If it was a consistent 14 PPG a night he was giving the Suns I really wouldn’t have a problem with VC… but it’s not. But I also don’t blame VC for the Suns’ problems this season since the trade because inconsistency seems to be the only consistent thing about the Suns this year. Nash, Hill and Gortat seem to be the only really consistent players the Suns have. When any of the other players have really good nights (offensively), the Suns win. When that doesn’t happen, the Suns lose. VC is inconsistent. Dudley is inconsistent. Frye is inconsistent. Dragic is inconsistent. Lopez is inconsistent. THAT’s what is killing the Suns’ season… inconsistency. Offensively and defensively.

  • Cyn

    Bad knee aside…my question is: Does VC not want to play or does he just not want to play for the Suns? Either way, sorry to say it, but right now we cannot afford dead weight…especially dead weight with a salary that keeps us from acquiring the talent we still need.

  • Freddy

    You Suck Carter.

  • Doni

    Damnnn maaan….what is happening with Vince ! Im a big fan of VC i always followed his career,Vince is the reason why i luv this game…look i think Vince is still an ALL STAR player just sometimes he doesnt want to try hard enough… its that simple !!! a few games before he scored 33 points didnt he ? well give him a break…and no he doesnt suck he just has to try harder…thats it ! VC fans we just have to believe in him….he will not let us down trust me. Respect From Macedonia.

  • chris

    Wow!! Still an all star? He’s the reason I luv this game? WTF is wrong with people. VC is a walking stereotype. Lazy, bad teamate, Cancer to his team. And thats just what you hear about him. Its even more evident when you watch him on a nightly basis. If your favorite player is still VC, then you have no credibility and shouldnt be commenting on sites like this.

  • Cyn

    @Doni ~ really? A player that doesn’t WANT to try hard enough is no ALL STAR…princess is a better word. He can grace the bench with his highness all he wants if he doesn’t want to play…just do it on someone else’s bench.

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  • Adam

    If he was used correctly it would be different, you cant expect Vince to excel revceiving the ball once every 6 possessions. Put him on the block, screen and roll, actually run plays for him. Gentry says Carter needs to be our top scorer…give him the ball then…never mind standing in the corner waiting for a pass. Either use him the way hes supposed to be used or dont complain about his lack of production.