The Weekly Wrap

In last weeks wrap up I said I wanted to go 4-0 this week, but I would be happy with 3-1 as long as we beat the Jazz. Well… I’m not happy, you only get to play the Kings at home so many times and losing means you got to make up for it by beating a team like Dallas on the road.


  • Win @ GS: 104-92
  • Win vs GS: 112-88
  • Win @ UTA: 95-83
  • Loss vs SAC: 113-108

This Weeks Leaders

  • Points per game- Steve Nash (18)
  • Rebounds per game- Marcin Gortat (10)
  • Assists per game- Steve Nash (13.5)

Three Good Things

  1. Beating Utah. Wins against Memphis, Portland, Denver and Utah really count as 2 wins, because thats the teams the Suns are chasing.
  2. Channing Frye, this week he averaged 14 points, 8.5 boards, 1 block and 3.3 threes per game. His effort on the defensive end is the difference between a tough PHX or a weak PHX.
  3. Steve Nash, maybe he will slow down when he turns 38?

Three Bad Things

  1. Vince Carter, My wife traded for him in our fantasy basketball league (yeah, my wife plays fantasy basketball. Jealous?). So even when the Suns are winning she makes sure I’m aware how useless he has been. This week its useless to the tune of 7.3 points per game on .333 shooting.
  2. Losing to the Kings at home. I can’t get over it.
  3. Portland and Memphis refuse to lose… If they remain legit, PHX is chasing Utah and Denver which is another half game they need to make up.

Next week's match-ups

Next Week:

This week is cut short by the All-Star break and PHX have 2 home games, Utah and Dallas. Even after belting Utah in the second half, I still fear the Jazz. With the blame for Jerry Sloan jumping ship falling on the players (specifically Deron Williams) this team wants to make a statement. Dallas shouldn’t require any introduction, they are a contender this season. Unfortunately, these are the games PHX need to steal if they are going to drop games to the Kings.

1-1 is all I can reasonably ask for against this kind of competition.

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