Steve Nash's agent prepared for summer trade talk

It would take an immense turn of events for a Steve Nash trade to be consummated before the Feb. 24 trade deadline, but Nash’s agent Bill Duffy told’s Marc Stein that such a deal could go down this summer.

Since Nash and the Suns’ brass have repeatedly shot down the slightest inkling of a trade possibility this season, it seems safe to presume all the many variables that would go into a deal won’t materialize in the next two weeks, especially with the Suns finally rolling having won six of seven and 11 of 15.

But here’s what Duffy told Stein about the offseason:

“Steve is a Phoenix Sun and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say he’s the face of that franchise. But logic dictates that it would be prudent for the Suns to start looking at their long-term future in the summer, so we would expect that they may entertain moving him during the summer. We are ready for that and we anticipate a very respectful process if they decide to look at starting over with a younger core.”

I happen to agree with Duffy that the Suns need to at least mull the possibility this offseason when they could potentially get a lottery pick in return or another asset that could speed up the eventual rebuilding process.

I was certainly surprised that Stein has heard Minnesota has been hottest in pursuit of Nash. Stein’s sources told him that in the Timberwolves’ fantasy Nash would come to Minnesota as a mentor for Ricky Rubio.

John Krolik from ProBasketballTalk finds this as a huge shock:

“To be frank, everything about this is extremely bizarre. To trade for Nash’s contract, the Timberwolves would have to move Sebastian Tefair and Corey Brewer, both of whom have expiring deals, as well as another contract. The Timberwolves are not going to make the playoffs this year, so all Nash would do is keep the Timberwolves from getting a high-lottery pick.

“And why would Nash sign an extension with the Timberwolves? For the opportunity to mentor a player who plays the same position as Nash and has no outside shot to speak of? And where does all of this leave Jonny Flynn? Also, Minnesota has the #27 defense in the league and no defensive presence in the middle. Instead of making a run at Kendrick Perkins or Tyson Chandler, Minnesota wants to focus its cap space on chasing Nash? And again, why would the 37-year old Nash want to sign what will likely be his final deal with the Timberwolves instead of trying to get a ring? Again, this makes no sense. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Timberwolves.”

I agree with Krolik on every point, and would add the Suns would never send him to a wasteland like Minnesota. For everything he’s meant to this franchise, if a trade ends up having to happen the Suns will deal him to a good situation, which is the exact opposite of what Minnesota is.

Plus, what would the Suns get back? I would love either Kevin Love or Rubio, but dealing a franchise cornerstone makes no sense for a young rebuilding team that is far more than a Nash away from contention.

For now, the Nash rumors have been kept to a minimum (as opposed to the Amare situation from last season) as any movement on this front is unlikely to go down before the summer.

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  • Giancarlo Paraliticci

    Michael, I would love to See Nash in Atlanta, Don’t get me wrong, I am a Suns Fan all out!!! but to see Nash get a ring would be in the best wishes of all the fans in the valley of the suns.

    I said Atlanta because I think realistically it is a possible trade. First, Atlanta is just a Nash Trade Away to make the next step into a Elite Category! They have no elite PG, a Lineup of Nash, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Hordford has to be Verry Scarry. Not only that but Nash would take there talent to the next level. Plus the Hawks are playing more uptempo this year. They could give picks and expiring contrats plus Jammal Crawford and maybe involved a third Team to get the deal done!.
    what do you think ?

  • Paul wilson

    No way Nash is staying a Sun

  • Michael Schwartz

    I think if Atlanta would include Smith in the deal it could be doable from a Phoenix perspective, but not Crawford and parts.

  • HankS

    The Atlanta trade would indeed have to include Smith, and the Minnesota trade would have to include Rubio–he may have no shot, but other than that, he’s a marvel. But there’s no way Minny’s giving him up (let alone Love), so I’m still waiting for a realistic trade prospect.

    Selling Nash for a few middle-to-late first-rounders and cash would make no sense whatsoever, and I think (hope) Sarver has proved he’s not that cheap after all, whatever we might think of some (most) of his decisions.

  • Rob

    Keep Nash, but still trade with Atlanta to snag Josh Smith and Joe Johnson!

    *Alarm clock blaring*

    “Oh that was a nice nap, the suns made a trade?! No, no, just a dream.”

  • Zak

    Unless someone offers the Suns a ridiculously GREAT trade opportunity, they shouldn’t even consider trading Nash. If Steve actually wants it, we do it. If not, I’d love to see him retire in a Suns uniform.

  • Bostonian Suns Fan

    Any chance the Suns could make a deal with Golden State for Stephen Curry? The owner admitted Curry could be moved:

    I would readily give up Nash (and more in the form of a SF or a pick) for Curry and his limitless potential…

  • Evan

    Honestly i would like to have Rubio (assuming he actually comes to the US), we need to re-build

  • Mel.

    “Keep Nash, but still trade with Atlanta to snag Josh Smith and Joe Johnson!”

    So… we want Joe Johnson BACK, save with the additional “sweetening” of a max-money contract that’s likely to turn out to be one of the most notorious albatross deals of the last decade?

    No offense, but you had to have been eating some seriously spicy Mexican food prior to nodding off, bud. ;)

  • Giancarlo Paraliticci

    Yeah I know Michael but the thing is, I don’t remember were I read it, that the other teams want the stars to play with Nash and don’t want to give there stars for Nash, Smith obviously would be Great in Phoenix, but if they trade for Nash they would want to have Smith, Joe Johnson and Hordford…if they give Smith it would not make a lot of sense for Atalanta to trade for Nash. Also I think for all that Nash means to the Suns, the Suns should sacrifice a little bit in the deal to make Nash get to the best Destination possible in a trade, while giving him a voice in the trade destination. I thinks thats what Billy Duff meant when he said he expects a very respectful process!

    • Michael Schwartz

      That was from one of Stein’s articles on the Nash situation a few weeks back about teams not being willing to offer their best players for MVSteve. I strongly disagree with you about the Suns being willing to take back less. A Nash deal could be their one shot to brighten their future. You only do it if you’re getting an impact player who’s going to become a big part of what you do the next five or so years. Sure, you want to ship Nash to a good destination while you’re at it, but if I’m Babby/Blanks my top priority is what’s good for the Suns, not what’s good for Nash.