The Weekly Wrap

Last week I said I would be satisfied with 1-1, but after watching the game against OKC I feel like we should be 1 win better.


  • Win vs MIL: 92-77
  • Loss vs OKC: 111-107

This Weeks Leaders

  • Points per game- Vince Carter (17.5)
  • Rebounds per game- Channing Frye (11)
  • Assists per game- Steve Nash (10.5)

Three Good Things

  1. Vince Carter, 33 points against OKC. Vince is a scorer, if he is not doing that what is he doing?
  2. Marcin Gortat’s 30 mins per game. I don’t mind if he starts or comes off the bench, as long as he keeps logging these minutes. Check out Andrews blog from last week about how Gentry is getting the most from his two centers here.
  3. Memphis, Portland and Utah all lost their last game. Keep the playoff dream in play.

Three Bad Things

  1. Vince Carter, 2 points against MIL. Vince is a scorer, if he is not doing that what is he doing? In his defense, Phoenix could get baskets for anyone in this game… maybe he just didn’t get his turn.
  2. Officiating in the closing moments against OKC. I’m not the type to criticize officials, its a tough job and bad calls go both ways… except in the last 5 minutes against OKC, the bad calls only went one way.
  3. 4th Quarter melt downs. Boykins put the Bucks back in the game at the beginning of the 4th, OKC came back to steal the game. I know it generally good strategy to wind down the clock when your winning, but abandoning the fast free-wheeling basketball that got you the lead in the first place is like the hare taking a nap while the tortoise catches up.

Next Week:

Four games this week; Golden State (twice), Utah and Sacramento. Three games that fall in the “should win” category and one game against a Utah team that we are trying to catch in the playoffs. 4-0 this week will put the Suns right on the verge of the 8th seed, I will be satisfied with 3-1 as long as Utah is one of the wins.

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