Steve Nash Liberation Options

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Oh, we can free Steve Nash...BY NUKING YOUR TEAMS!

4. Goran Dragic and Josh Childress to Golden State for Stephen Curry and Vladimir Radmonovic

This is a trade with an eye toward the future. Curry could take pressure off of Nash in the interim, strengthen the Suns’ second squad, and allow the Suns to consider trading Nash down the line if they’re unable to use the cap space created by moving Childress and acquiring VladRad’s expiring contract. How kind of you, Warriors fans! You’re so thoughtful in considering our long-term prospects. You truly believe in the cause of freeing Steve Nash.

5. Steve Nash, Robin Lopez, and Josh Childress to OKC for James Harden, Eric Maynor, Morris Peterson, and Nenad Krstic.

We finish where we started, back in Oklahoma City – only this time, I’m willing to move Nash to another team in order to give him his liberty. Look at Hollinger’s analysis, Thunder fans! The Suns would be giving up wins, so clearly I’m not trying to rip you off here! We’d trade you a center for a center and even give you the great Steve Nash. As I pointed out in the first trade, Nash and Westbrook in the same backcourt in crunch time would be absolutely ridiculous.

This trade would set the Suns up well for the future (by the way, Okalahoma City – you’re giving us a number 1 as well), rid them of Josh Childress, and get Steve Nash on the same team as two of the best basketball players in at least this solar system, if not beyond.*

*Rumors of AAU teams playing on the planets revolving around Epsilon Eridani could not be confirmed at the time of publishing.

And if you don’t like this trade, Thunder fans, how about Nash for Harden, Maynor, and Mo Pete’s deal (plus a number 1). Let me know – we all just want the best for Steve Nash, after all!

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