The Weekly Wrap

If you told me the Suns would go 2 and 2 this week I would have agreed. If you told me which games they would win, I would be dragging you to Vegas right now.


  • Loss @PHI: 95 – 105
  • Loss vs CHA: 107 – 114
  • Win vs BOS: 88 – 71
  • Win vs NOH: 104 – 102

This Weeks Leaders

  • Points per game- Steve Nash (16.8)
  • Rebounds per game- Marcin Gotat (9.3)
  • Assists per game- Steve Nash (12.3)

Three Good Things

  1. The Suns can still run with the NBA elite. Sure, Boston was uncharacteristically messy and maybe a little preoccupied with their finals rematch with the Lakers, but I still think it’s good to see Phoenix win a game without scoring 100 points.
  2. Marcin Gortat! I don’t think I have ever heard the words “career high” in reference to one player in a single week.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to see why Gortat is putting up career numbers. He’s no longer behind Dwight Howard in the depth Chart and he’s being fed by the best passer in the league. The thing that really makes me relieved is that this is the first acquisition the Suns have made which is starting to work out the way it is supposed too after Warrick, Childress and Turk all ended up riding a lot more pine than they were supposed to.
  3. Phoenix banks its first winning month. 8 and 7 for the month of January, if they keep trending in this direction the playoffs are definitely not out of the question.

Three Bad Things

  1. They say good teams win the games they should… This week, Phoenix didn’t. Losses like the one to Detroit are not good for my blood pressure.
  2. Dragic stepped on broken glass and will be out for a while. I hate to see a Sun miss time especially for a non-basketball related injury. I also think Dragic in street clothes looks a bit like a school kid on detention.
  3. Whilst the 4th to 8th seeds in the west are coming off losses the 9th seed, Memphis is still winning… that Rudy Gay three-pointer still haunts me.

Next Week:

Only two games this week, both at home against the Bucks and the Thunder.

On December 4th, whilst playing for the Magic, Marcin Gortat got the start and played 35 minutes against the Bucks with the Magic (Dwight was out with the flu). Unfortunately he was dominated by Bogut to the tune of 31 points and 18 rebounds. I’m hoping we don’t see a repeat. Meanwhile, the Thunder are proving to be one of the NBA’s top teams and with studs like Westbrook and Durant Phoenix will need to be firing on all cylinders to stay alive. The good news is that last time the Suns played OKC Grant Hill played 10 years younger with a game best 30 points, 11 rebounds and a 1 win.

My moderate expectations will be happy for the Phoenix Suns to go 1-1 this week.

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