Phoenix Suns midseason awards video

  • Freddy

    Robin Lopez Sucks! I was expecting him to do a lot better this year. Boy was I wrong.

  • Mel.

    Any chance of following this up with a look towards this year’s draft, Schmitz? I know it’s a little early to be casting bones, but all Hollinger’s “draft Svengali” machine keeps turning out for me is guards and small forwards.

    Safe to say that the Suns will NOT be banking in that direction, yeah?

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    @ Mel – I guess it all depends on what happens with Nash during this season or after it. Then again, perhaps it shouldn’t depend on that.

    We, in fact, do need another true point guard and it’d be better to get him in camp sooner rather than later so we can avoid what happened through most of the SSOL era.

    I’d love to have Dragon’s backup in place moving forward and, sure! If there is a quality point sitting there when we’re ready to make a pick, why not scoop him up and put him in Dragon’s current role, (without Dragon’s handicap)?

    Outside of that, I don’t really care what direction the Suns go in. If there is a quality PF sitting out there that we can mold to mesh with the future of this team then sure. Grab him.

    If not, then you have to draft the “best player available” in the draft at that pick. If it ends up being a small forward and it’s clear that his skills are just that good then you have to take him.

    I don’t want to have to take a 4 just because he’s sitting there as a 4 but he is a “project” player.

    The only player to get that tag in recent memory that panned out was Dwight Howard. Some of the others? Darko, Thabeet… Yeah. Lets not go that route.