Channing Frye video breakdown

Phoenix Suns forward/center Channing Frye dictates the Suns’ success as Phoenix is 5-0 when he scores 20 or more and 11-1 when he scores 15 or more. This video exemplifies why that’s the case by comparing his sizzling performance against the Wizards with his porous game against the Pistons.

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  • Finley

    This is why I have a love/disappointed relationship with Frye. He’s a great, former Wildcat, role player. But when he has shooting droughts, it’s tough to admire. Still, better to have him long haul, just slightly inconsistent.

  • Shaqita

    great video

  • Iceman

    …. now our season hopes are pinned on Frye playing well? We are in deep trouble here. I’m talking Mariana Trench deep.

  • hahah

    charmin era