Phoenix Suns 118, New Jersey Nets 109 -- Respirator revival

PHOENIX — Just as fans began to exit the building, assuming another embarrassing loss, the Phoenix Suns went off on an epic fourth quarter run to overcome a 15-point deficit and defeat the New Jersey Nets, 118-109 in overtime.

Phoenix appeared to be dead midway through the fourth quarter until finally the team caught a spark and finished Wednesday night on fire both offensively and defensively.

“I thought we did a great job of competing,” Suns coach Alvin Gentry said. “Especially in the last quarter and [in] overtime. We just got to continue and get better in all phases of the game.”

Trailing by 15 with just over 10 minutes left to play, the Suns outscored the Nets by 24 the rest of the way.

“We dug in and just found a way to win the game,” Gentry said. “We’re going to make some mistakes, but you’ve got to be going 100 percent. We just have to play like a desperate team; we are a desperate team.”

Steve Nash and Vince Carter led the way for Phoenix with 23 points apiece.

“It’s the type of game, especially after last night, that we needed to find a way to win and that’s exactly what we did,” Steve Nash said. “We didn’t play great, we showed a lot of toughness and Coach just implored us to compete and I thought we competed.”

Nash also had 16 assists and seven rebounds to go along with his clutch performance late in the game.

To cap off the point guard’s night, Nash went 11-for-11 from the free-throw line to move past Mark Price for first all-time in the NBA in free-throw percentage.

“It’s hard not to say it’s a privilege to be on that list with all those guys,” Nash said. “I looked up to Mark Price as a young player so it’s a thrill, but the way the season is going right now it doesn’t feel great.”

Channing Frye was the third Phoenix starter with over 20 points. He shot 7-of-13 on the night.

“For us, it’s just about overcoming obstacles,” Frye said. “I felt like in the fourth quarter, that was some of the best defense we’ve played in a long time.”

Phoenix outrebounded New Jersey 45-39, including a 10-7 margin on the offensive boards.

The Suns’ first 10 points of the game were scored in the paint before a defensive three-second technical free-throw from Nash and back-to-back three-pointers from Carter ended the run.

The Nets’ led 18-10 early before Phoenix ran off an 11-0 run that included a Nash alley-op to Carter for a bucket and a foul.

The streak ended when Sasha Vujacic sank a jump shot seconds after coming off the bench to loud boos from the US Airways Center crowd.

Late in the opening quarter, Suns coach Alvin Gentry gave Hakim Warrick about five possessions with Steve Nash before Goran Dragic checked in.

The results were mixed, but it showed that Gentry is still trying to find a place for everybody.

The first quarter ended with the score tied 28-28. Carter led the way with 13 points on 5-of-8 shooting while Nash dropped seven dimes.

The second quarter was a display of back-and-forth jump shooting up until about the three-minute mark when Carter drove into the lane and threw up a prayer while being fouled that somehow managed to go in.

The half ended with Phoenix trailing 57-55 as Carter and Vujacic traded 3-point field goals as time winded down.

The third quarter opened on a 6-0 New Jersey run that left Nash visibly upset before Gentry signaled for a timeout.

After the break, the Nets ran off four more points before Jared Dudley converted on a four-point play that finally ended the streak of over five minutes without a point for Phoenix. Dudley added another quick basket before it was New Jersey’s turn to call a timeout.

With the third quarter nearly over, the Nets received a favorable no-call from the referees when it appeared Quinton Ross had stepped out of bounds.

Jordan Farmar proceeded to take the saved ball and sink a back-breaking 3-pointer as the shot clocked expired.

The bucket gave the Nets a 84-73 advantage entering the final period as Phoenix scored just 18 points in the third quarter on 8-of-20 team shooting.

Farmar hit another three to begin the fourth quarter to extend the New Jersey lead to 14. After a Dragic layup, Vujacic nailed yet another three to extend the Nets’ lead to a game-high 15.

New Jersey entered the night with the second worst scoring average in the league at 91 per game. It had 90 Wednesday with over 11 minutes to play.

That’s when Phoenix finally started to show some life.

With the help of some unusually aggressive and active defensive play, the Suns went off on an 11-0 run to cut into the huge hole they dug for themselves.

Phoenix made New Jersey take ugly shot after ugly shot as the Nets forced up contested long-range jumpers as the shot clock was winding down.

New Jersey only broke its scoreless drought when Devin Harris went to the line after driving into the lane.

Still, the Suns continued to put their foot on the gas as Nash answered right back with his trademark pull-up jumper.

After another couple stops on the defensive end, Phoenix capped off its remarkable run and took the lead 93-92 on two Dudley free-throws after being down 90-75 just minutes earlier.

Overall, the approximately seven-minute run favored the Suns 18-2.

Down the stretch, the two teams traded free throws all the way to a 101-101 tie with 40 seconds remaining.

From there, Nash gave Phoenix a two-point lead with 23 seconds left on a dribble drive layup in the lane with Harris on his back.

Kris Humphries went on to tie the game on a wide-open dunk from Harris with 16 seconds left.

Phoenix couldn’t do anything with its final possession and the game went into overtime.

A Vujacic 3-pointer opened the extra frame followed by a ridiculous Nash behind-his-head layup over Humphries.

The Suns took that momentum and went off on an 8-0 run to give the team a 111-106 lead with a minute left before New Jersey got back on the board with a free throw.

However, Phoenix made its free throws down the stretch to secure the much-needed win.

It was the team’s first overtime victory since Nov. 5 against Memphis.

Robin Lopez lost the sibling battle to his older brother Brook, who had five more points and six more rebounds.

And 1

Grant Hill did not play for the second consecutive night.  The 38-year-old veteran hadn’t missed two straight games since 2008.

“Grant is huge for us so to not have him is really tough on us,” Nash said. “Tonight we just found a way to get it done, but we need him.”

  • Giancarlo Paraliticci

    This Was Fast, the Game Just ended and the Analisis is already here..Great Work!!!

    Lets Go Suns!!

  • J Hansen

    Excellent Win! That was fun. Let’s no get too nit-picky saying, “it was only the Nets.” A win is a win and we will take it.

  • Hods

    The main thing is to see them show some fight and togetherness by coming back from 15 down with 10 to play. This might help with the ongoing chemistry which is so obviously missing lately

  • Jacob

    It’s Farmar, not Farmer.

  • shawn

    Does he play for us so who cares what his name is

  • GoodWin

    Nets beat CHI, ATL (2x), MEM, LAC, POR,.. this season.

  • Steve

    Vince Carter actually showing up is a good sign. Why, you ask? Because it makes me think that he knows he’s on the block, and I think that actually trying is his bid to get in with a contender. It’s a good sign because I believe Vince Carter is heading out of Phoenix.

  • Sean

    Steve – I hope you’re right that Vince Carter is headed out of town. He has talent and can get hot offensively at times, but it looks like he hurts team chemistry.

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  • Auggie5000

    Gordan Farmer. F*** his name. Go Suns

  • Mirza

    This was said by a fan on azcentral .. and man I couldnt agree more ..

    “Hey BLABBY- how about apologizing for YOUR self serving part in this clusterf??? You know, your so called “noble experiment” bringing Hedidn’t here to be our new PF. You know, the part that led to even more churning of the roster to fix what you had done . How about getting your arrogant know it all boss $arver who has completely destroyed a contending team in no time flat to apologize to the fans and then sell the team and go away never to be heard from again? How about that???”

  • Zak

    I’m not a big fan of Sarver but I don’t believe he’s the one to blame as the one who “has completely destroyed a contending team in no time flat”. STAT “destroyed” this team by leaving. Yeah he could have offered Stat more to stay – a full max contract like he got from the Knicks – but I still think that the Knicks are going to regret that one day. Stat will probably not stay uninjured during the six years of that fully guaranteed contract (I truly hope that he does though because I still have only the highest opinion of him). Trading for Hedo was a gamble that didn’t pay off… at the time. But if we hadn’t gotten Hedo then the trade with Orlando probably wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have Gortat now. No matter what anyone else thinks, I believe that Gortat is the foundation that Phoenix can build upon for the future. He’s big, strong, vocal and defensively minded. I see him as maybe becoming the Suns version of Joakim Noah… the guy who works his ass off every game and does everything he can to help his team win while other players get most of the glory. Like other people, I believe that another trade is in the works. We had virtually no warning before the trade with Orlando which actually speaks well for the Suns front office for not leaking any info beforehand. I assume that the next trade will come out of the blue as well. Hopefully – and of course I’m just dreaming! – Donald Sterling will get heart palpitations over what he will eventually have to pay Blake Griffin to stay with the Clippers and trade him to the Suns.

  • Mirza

    Wow you are dreamin son .. I see you love this team as much as the next guy but when you say “I dont believe Sarver is to blame, its Amare’ fault” that’s .. lets see what’s the word to use ASININE??

    Sarver hires Blabby to be his puppet master .. Babby still has a firm who represents players right? Ok so he brings in Hedo and JChill (who do you think gets the comission????) Blabby’s firm .. ok so the “trade exception” we got for Amare’ .. its no secret Sarver funneled some of that $$ through Blabby (NOT TO MENTION THE MULTIPLE DRAFT PICKS SARVER HAS SOLD OVER THE YEARS .. HOW MANY IS THAT NOW 5????? 3 MILL A POP OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT??)..
    Another guy left the Suns last week Todd Quinter .. been employed since 1986 and something tells me he’s not going to retire to “spend time with his family” ….

  • Zak

    Mirza, first I don’t appreciate you calling me asinine and secondly I don’t appreciate you making up something, putting into quotation marks and attributing it to me. THAT is asinine. The “quote” you attribute to me is YOUR WORDS NOT MINE.

  • Mirza

    You just said STAT “destroyed” this team and not Sarver .. did I miss something? Are you watching the same team?

  • Mirza

    I come to this blog every day and I pretty much agree with everything “Steve” has to say .. it sounds to me he is knowledgable and understands what is going on .. if you dont want Steve Nash traded, then you’re asking for 4-5 years of horrific basketball .. if Steve Nash stays its no secret it will take us 4-5 years to come back to where we as Suns fans are accustomed to .. blow it up, hope they lose 55+ games (and Sarver loses $$) and get a lottery pick ..

    I apologize for jinxing the Suns last night .. see I posted a FB comment how pathetic this team is (down 15 against the Nets) and of course as soon as I did that they go on a run and win in OT .. sorry guys (for all of you who are rooting for that high draft pick) i promise i wont do that again .. lol

  • Jim

    The sale of the draft picks is almost unforgiveable. Then, I suppose he used that $15m to sign a ton of mid-level players this summer to contracts they didn’t quite deserve. Because he certainly didn’t use it to lure marquee players in Phoenix. I just wish they would have made a play for Tyson Chandler in the summer. They had to have known Amare wasn’t going to sign their non-fully-guaranteed offer, so a contingency plan would have been to get a guy more like Noah than Gortat even (Chandler), who has thrived in a pick-and-roll system with a talented point guard (New Orleans).

    The Mavericks may have still won out because they had the major trade chip in Erik Dampier’s expiring this summer and Chandler has a high salary, but I never even heard the Suns consider getting him and he’s now the heart and soul of Dallas’s defense. He’s a blue collar guy who would bring Lou’s energy, but in a 7’1″ frame. The US Airways Center crowd would love him. But Sarver lucked into his fortune and has his own propensity for the flashier things (foam fingers; fast-paced offense), so he probably doesn’t appreciate the work ethic and intangibles of a guy like Chandler.

    Last year’s team (and management with Kerr and Griffin) would have definitely understood his importance and the chemistry such all out hustle would provide. This may have moved Lopez to a backup role, but I still don’t think Robin is ready for primetime as an everyday center. In fact, I’ve wanted a Gortat-Frye starting lineup since the trade.

  • Zak

    Stat LEAVING destroyed the team is what I said. Yes Sarver could have offered Stat the same deal as the Knicks gave him and kept him with the Suns but with Stat’s injury history, I don’t blame him for not offering Stat a FULLY GUARANTEED contract as NY gave him. I wouldn’t have offered Stat that if I had the power to do so! When Stat left for NY, Sarver admittedly made some stupid moves that hurt the team. He’s a cheap owner no doubt but I don’t blame him for gambling on Stat staying healthy for the next six years. NY rolled the dice on that and I hope that for Stat’s sake they made a good gamble… but I doubt it. Sarver’s cheap attitude toward the Suns will continue to hurt them but you can’t lay all the blame at his feet. Amare didn’t leave to hurt the Suns. He was just looking out for his own best interests. I don’t and won’t ever blame him for that BUT his leaving left a hole in this team that they were unable to fill. Gentry will probably eventually be blamed for it although it’s not his fault. Sarver is a convenient whipping boy because he’s been cheap and was unwilling to take the chance that Amare would stay healthy for the next six years. As for blaming Babby for the Suns problems, THAT I have no problem agreeing with. And since Sarver is ultimately responsible for hiring Babby, then Sarver IS responsible for it all.

    And YES I am watching the same team and you DID miss something.

  • Mel.

    Zak, just ignore Mirza. He’s got a reputation as being an anti-bandwagoning clown on this blog; all he ever does is show up periodically to crap out some barely-legible comments about how Sarver is the anti-Christ, and how he can’t bring himself to support the team after thirty years of being a fan, or some such bull$hit.

    “Fans” like him are a dime a dozen, and arguing or debating his shoebox-sized brain is just going to result in a migraine.

  • Zak

    Thank you, Mel. I will take your advice and I am very thankful for it. I love the Suns. This season hurts me like I’m sure it does many, many other fans… but I still love the Suns and will cheer for them even if they’re down 50 points with only 3 seconds left in the game.

  • sun also rises

    @ Zak – the difference between the fans on here and fans like mirza(ss) is exactly that. Real fans love their team, and stick with them knowing that things can get bad. Phony fans bitch up a storm and blame easy targets but ignore the fact that some times the chips are down.

    What happens when you’re losing determines what kind of fan you really are. Mirza should go cheer for the Heat, tho he’d probably cry about Spoelstra or whatever the haters were doing three months ago.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Ok, first of all, people have to let go of the Amare situation. It is not good for your health to hold onto something like that. In regards to that situation I’m actually on Sarver’s side. New York can give him all the guaranteed money he wants. 40 games into it, it looks like a good deal but he is one buckled knee away from being Grant Hill circa Orlando and crippling that franchise for half a decade. He didn’t want to risk that so he didn’t offer up that cash for a guy who didn’t feel appreciated in the valley, (two years of being trade bait will do that).

    At the same time, sooner or later he is going to have to take the same stance on Nash in one of two ways, (sort of to Mirza’s point without the troll-under-the-bridge ranting).

    Either way this team has to move forward, so you either move Nash now or after the season and take your chances with the players / owners working things out before a lockout so you can rebuild right away, or..

    You take Nash’s word for what it is, keep him, eject everybody else who is not going to be the future nucleus for this team, and begin to build the next generation of Suns basketball around Dragon while Nash stays around, (still at a high level), to speed the process along.

    Kind of sounds like the twin tower situation in SA with Duncan coming in while Robinson was still there, cept Dragon and Two Time aren’t 7 feet tall but you can’t help that.

    I think the final 17 minutes of that New Jersey game illustrates perfectly the point I’ve been screaming all year long and shows the direction of the team moving into the future.

    Vince Carter put up all kinds of empty numbers between the first and third quarter. Great Job, Beard Carter, just makes you look more valuable to teams looking to make a real run this year.

    In the fourth, though, you saw who was on the court doing work. Frye and JMZ were destroying the Nets with two time, and Dragon was out there keeping the pressure on WITH Nash while Carter was out there, watching pretty much.

    That should be the direction of the team along with RoLo / Gortat, and if Nash and Hill really want to stay in the valley then everybody else has to go and these draft picks need to be used while our young core sits ready to take over.

  • Zak

    I’ve been a Suns fan since the day Paul Westphal was a PLAYER on the Suns team. I remember the heartache of the 93 finals when we lost to the Bulls during Westphal’s first year as head coach. I’ve cheered for and loved the Suns for 35 years although I’ve never even set foot in the state of Arizona! But, regardless of that, there’s nothing I would love more than seeing the Suns win an NBA championship for Phoenix. It won’t happen this year but but hopefully it will come one day.

  • Chad

    How much do people honestly think you can get for an almost 37 year old point guard? Not enough to save Phoenix of “4-5 years of horrific basketball.” GM’s don’t care if he’s playing out of his mind, they figure he’ll be gone in two years, and his play will decline long before that. And besides that, I would actually like to see my favorite player retire as a mamber of my favorite team. Crazy, huh?

  • Steve

    I’m all for blowing this team up. It’s crystal clear that this team, as constructed, cannot win in the NBA. The biggest problem we face is that we don’t have anyone who will be worthwhile for other teams as trade bait.

    Frye and Childress would be if they didn’t have four more years after this one. Nash has a ton of value, but no one needs him. All the contenders (outside of the Lakers) have PGs, and I would DIE before I would ever suggest we should trade Nash to the Lakers. Duds has some value, but his five year deal is pretty steep for someone who can’t dunk (excellent role-player though, could have some James Posey-esque value). G-Hill has no trade value. Pietrus… meh, don’t know enough about his contract situation to say either way. Gortat has a ton left on his deal and hasn’t really done much to show he’s worth it.

    The only guy I can think of with value is VC. Except everyone knows he’s a washed-up cancer. So he’s not going to a contender, and all the bottom-feeders have already made their deals, it seems. Where is he going to go?

    Looks like we’re stuck with this team for this year at least, and we’re gonna get 30-wins and a bad lottery pick.

  • Mike L

    Why aren’t the Suns getting into the Melo trade??? Not that we should be going after Melo, but I’d be happy to trade a 1st round pick for Anthony Randolph, whom the Knicks are apparently willing to part with. WE NEED A PF!! And we have plenty of 3s to part with, as well!

    • Michael Schwartz

      @Mike L If it’s the Orlando pick, I’d do it today. I’d be a little hesitant to trade the Suns’ first-rounder because it could fall into top-10 territory.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Mike L – Melo will not sign a long term contract in Phoenix, so you’d basically be giving up valuable assets for 3 months of ‘Melo.

    On top of that, Phoenix doesn’t have enough to offer up to even be in that discussion in a two-team situation.

    Chad – First: Teams in desperate need of a point who can come in and be that final piece to a championship will give up the future farm and a nice player, right now, if Nash went in and said: “I want out; send me somewhere nice.”

    A championship contender in need of Nash’s services would gladly deal with PHX in order to get Nash for a season and a half.

    In terms of “bad basketball for half a decade” as you said, that is horribly off point.

    Even if Nash, (And Hill), were traded away right now, you’re getting great value for them. You’ve just jacked some body’s 1st rounder and we got a stud back.

    Now you’re left with Dragon, JMZ, Frye, RoLo, and Gortat with some body’s stud, at least 2 first round draft picks, Vince Carter bought out for 4 mil, (if he hasn’t’ been traded), and Childress able to play in his position, (G Hill’s spot) in a lineup that would be coached up to be devastatingly long and aggressive on the defensive end, (Dragon is vicious on-the-ball with his D which would anchor down the rest of the team as was the case with last year’s bench).

    You bring in those picks, hope that at least one works out, you transition for a year, and suddenly this team looks damn sexy in terms of a superstar looking for a place to call home where he can have a young team around him and go for a championship, (Like Barkley back in the day or Two-Time coming back from Dallas).

    4-5 years of bad ball in PHX is just silly. Even with Sarver at the controls this is not Clipper or Wolves basketball in the valley.

  • Auggie5000

    How about we encourage this team to play hard?? They are talented ball players who are not playing to potential. More than keeping defenses honest we are missing the fire that Amar’e brought to the Suns. Somebody has got to light a fire under their asses.

    That being said, I hope we can pull a rabbit out of our ass and get Blake Griffin. I love watching him play and he would fit well with our squad.

  • Auggie5000

    And to Zak and Mel and Sun Also Rises:

    Every loyal Suns fan has a right to be pissed off. Every single one. We all love Amar’e, we were all at our peak of happiness when the Suns swept the Spurs, were disappointed by the loss to the Lakers but knew we could reload and beat them.

    What Sarver did was kill momentum. So what if Amar’e wouldn’t stay healthy for 5-6 years?? Of course he could get injured. Any athlete can, that’s the risk of doing business. The 2010 playoffs could have actually been a pre-lude to a monster 2011 season, but Sarver saw it as the end of a journey. Sarver knocked us, as a fan base, off of our highs. We just got our wind knocked out of us, so of course we are pissed off.

    Nash, Duds, Dragon, Frye, Robin and Hill should all be pissed off as well.

  • Mirza

    Does anybody else want to see Dragon finish more games in the 4th and get some more minutes? (JMZ also but that goes without saying)

  • Mirza

    Mel I respect your comments and what you have to say on this blog day in and day out and really I have nothing else to say.

  • Steve

    I don’t really care to see more Goran in the 4th, but if it means seeing less VC, I’m all for it.

    To be honest, though, I do think Goran is the best option we can muster at the 2 for late-game situations. He can create for himself, for his teammates, and he can shoot. He can’t do any of those three things extremely well, but he does them adequately enough. Problem with having Goran out there is that I would want JMZ and Hill out there as well. But that leaves us with just one spot for a big, because it goes without saying that Nash is going to be out there when we’re closing out games. Can a lineup of Nash, Dragic, Dudley, Hill, and Gortat stack up against the Lakers or Spurs?

    I would like to think so, but I know better.

  • Mirza

    No doubt they would not stack up against those teams but from a perspective to see what we have in Goran in late game situations I would like to see him get more minutes. I really like him playing with Nash and I’d like to see more of it but with the way the season has gone, Gentry is not really sticking with any one lineup it seems for more than 2 days.

    I take it they aren’t allowed to trade VC just yet otherwise Im sure he would be gone already to a team looking to shed cap space next year????

  • Iceman

    I understood that he didn’t want to resign Amare for 5/100m because it’s a lot of money. However, he went out and locked us up for $90M to Hedo, Childress and Warrick. That made me sigh and shake my head. Sure you could reduce that figure to $84M because we traded Barbosa to do that, but regardless. Not paying him is stupid. Even stupider was not going out and replacing him with a PF like Boozer/Jefferson/Scola/Haslem/Harrington

  • Mirza

    I think its safe to say its a moot point right now. Its no secret he is NOT in the business of building a championship team.

    I respect him as a business man but as an owner of OUR Phx Suns he gets no respect from me whatsoever and there is nothing anybody could say to change my mind.

    I wish he would ATTEMPT to try to move the team to San Diego .. he would get run out of town so quickly with his tail between his legs (Stern would never EVER allow this team to move).. DO THE SMART BUSINESS MOVE AND SELL THE TEAM BEFORE THE STOCK PLUMETS $ARVER !!!!

  • AJ

    I really don’t think trading Nash is necessary for this team to get really good fairly quickly. Trading MV Steve would be a down grade for the suns irrespective of who they get in return (except maybe a D-Wade caliber player, but that just isn’t going to happen). Any new player coming into replace Steve Nash would completely shatter any hope or chemistry the suns have. Trading Marion for shaq when we were “contenders” was a bad move. I just cant fathom how any trade that sends Steve Nash out of PHX this season can help the suns compete in this season. I think the suns need to try and get the most out of the pieces that they have this year. And wait for the off season.

    I say this because PHX is always an attractive place for free agents and we can improve in the off season that way. But more importantly, this years draft is pretty deep at the 4. And with Gortat and RoLo making a solid front line, our slew of excellent wing players, and two-time and dragon in the back court, a good PF from the draft is really all the Suns need to get back at least close to their usual selves.

  • Mirza

    LOL No player would help the Suns make the playoffs this year in my opinion .. You will not get a D-Wade caliber type player for Steve, what you need (and what everybody has been talking about) DRAFT PICKS and a young stud ready to start .. Nicolas Batum comes to mind (obviously with other pieces and DRAFT PICKS DRAFT PICKS DRAFT PICKS) ..

  • Mirza

    My biggest point: Suns making the playoffs this year will hurt the team more in the long run (as crazy as that may sound its so true)

  • AJ

    I think we have pieces that can be moved to upgrade our draft positioning. That being said there are like 7 really good PF’s in the draft.

    Idk, I think if for some reason we suddenly got D-wade on our team we would make the playoffs. lol. But that is more of a joke than a dream.

    Nicolas Batum is good, but idk I’ve just never really liked him, but would he be a welcome addition to a team with a ton of wings already?

    Back to the draft, The top four PF’s (in the order that I like them) are Perry Jones, Jan Veseley, Jonas Valanciunas, and Donatas Motiejunas. I think that the suns should have no problem drafting at least one of those guys (though probably not Perry Jones unless the Suns totally collapse). And all of them would thrive in the Suns style of basketball (and a year or so next to Steve Nash will only help).

  • sun also rises

    “My biggest point: Suns making the playoffs this year will hurt the team more in the long run (as crazy as that may sound its so true)”

    Mirza, I never thought I would type this but you’re right. You’re absolutely right. I’m not saying tuck tail and give up like the Knicks did in the hopes of getting a big time FA (Not going to happen) or promising picks (Also a shot in the dark) but if we make the eighth spot, we are totally boned. We lose more time off of what Steve has left and slide in the lottery.

    So I never thought I would say this, but go Portland. You guys are already done, you stand to lose a lot less making that 8th spot in the west.

  • Steve

    The lotter can turn teams around VERY quickly. See: OKC/Seattle. They got Durant, Westbrook, and Harden in 07, 08, and 09, and now they’re on the verge of becoming real contenders. It took some REALLY bad basketball to get there, but they’re better off for it.

    And before you go and say that Seattle lost the franchise in the process, that was more the owner’s fault than anything. And as bad as I think Sarver is, he at least tries. He’s not going to give up on the Suns. There will be no Zombie Suns, no matter how bad this franchise gets in the coming years.

  • Mel.

    As a Seattle resident since ’03, I can completely attest to what you wrote, Steve. The entire city had a heads-up that the Sonics were at risk of being run out of town for years before the move; their general malaise and the complete lack of initiative from ownership simply let the team, its fans and its history lapse like they were the Grizzlies.

    In fact, nobody gave a crap until Durant and Westbrook became stars apparent, now it’s all sorts of weepy platitudes about how we let a good thing go. The fact that’s NOT something Phoenix fans have to worry about is worth at least acknowledging.

  • Mike L

    KJ Loyalist, you clearly did NOT read what I said. I did NOT say we should get into the Melo trade to obtain Melo. If you’ve been reading the news you’ll realize that the NYK are looking for trade partners who have 1st round picks. There is a report on ESPN that they are willing to give up Anthony Randolph to Detroit if Detroit will send their first rounder to Denver. Heck, we could package one of our superfluous 3s with a first rounder and get back Anthony Randolph and perhaps somebody else at the same time. Please read my note and you’ll see that I’m talking about the Suns getting into this trade as a way of getting a young 4.

  • KJ Loyalist

    Fact is, nobody wants the threes that we don’t want, (one man’s trash isn’t always another man’s treasure – sometimes it’s just trash).

    A few posts up somebody rattled off all these names of forwards that could have helped PHX. None of them fit what we’re trying to do in the valley in terms of style.

    ” Boozer/Jefferson/Scola/Haslem/Harrington”

    Boozer: probably plays even worse d than Amare and is far less mobile and plays with his back to the basket a lot more.

    Jefferson: See Shaq.

    Haslem: How would he help this team exactly? The Suns already have tons of players who fill his role.

    Scola: There was no shot at obtaining him.

    Harrington: Have you seen him lately? What good would he do?

    @ Mike L – Yep, I’ve got all that and I’m up on the trade winds, but no. Seriously there is nothing out there right now that we can get into in terms of the Melo situation that brings us closer to a promising future.

    Keep in mind that Randolph is involved because a player like Melo is involved.

    In order to get involved in that, the draft pick isn’t enough. Who else does Phoenix have that can warrant “equal value” type status in terms of growth and potential?

    We don’t exactly make good trade partners unless you’re giving up a part of the future already in place. Is Randolph that good?

    That’s plugging one hole at the expense of ripping a plugged hole open.

    We don’t make good trade partners in that situation. The draft pick isn’t enough and if you break down the other rosters involved, nothing we have really helps any of those teams in any way.

    I’d rather unload a 3 + VC perhaps for another pick. I don’t understand why it seems to be such a bad thing to get these picks and actually use them.

    It’s not like PHX has a bad track record of drafting players whether it be for our own team or for somebody else, (Everybody drafts an Earl Clark once in awhile).

    We drafted just about every player that started this whole SSOL era with draft picks. Time to use them and do it again. Can easily grab another great 4 via the draft or a great scorer, etc. We’ve done it before.

  • Mike L

    I’m SORT OF on the same page with your assessment of the 4′s except that I think Scola was someone we could have gotten. He’s the best in that group, though I’m not convinced he’s a guy you could depend on when you absolutely need a score out of the post. Now Boozer could have been that guy and a front line of him and Gortat or Lopez would be pretty bruising.

    The stories surrounding Randolph never had him going to Detroit in return for a killer player, but rather just a 1st round pick.

    I am very much on board with using our picks … IF we can figure out how to spot talent.

    It was NOT our draft prowess that started the SSOL era, however. Except Amare and Marion, who did we draft out of that SSOL group? Trades or signings brought us Q. Richardson, Joe Johnson, Raja Bell, Tim Thomas, Hill, Nash. And I realize we drafted Nash, but we traded him away and then resigned him when Dallas didn’t want him. (As the proud owner of a Nash authentically signed jersey, I loved the day he returned!)

    I’m just not sold on Phoenix’s ability to spot talent through the draft. I’ve wished for years that they would work on the scouting department. For every Dragic, Amare and Marion how many Strawberries, Taylors and Clark’s have we gone through? Too many to say we have draft history and can build properly there.

    And besides, if we want to get Nash a championship before he leaves or retires, we don’t have 3 years to do that.

  • Mike L

    KJ Loyalist – and as further evidence of what I’ve stated the last couple of days, check this out:

    There is NO reason we can’t be part of this trade.

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