Vince Carter-Marcin Gortat-Mickael Pietrus introductory press conference video

  • Daniel

    Love when Gortat is asked about the competition for the starting role; Serious and unapologetic, just like a 5 should be. I just hope they can both channel that tension properly

  • Debbie

    I agree with Daniel, but my fear is that they won’t be able to handle the tension well– Think Robin Lopez and a shattered door? They’re both very young– I see hot tempers arising.

    I also hope Vince Carter doesn’t “bring his game” because his game kind of sucked a little. A bit selfish & “pressure off of Nash”? That was what Hedo was supposed to do…

  • Bmoney

    Hedo stunk it up, dude is seriously overrated and to even compare him to Carter is insane. Different positions first off but over his career TurkaBlu hasn’t done jack except for the 1 season in Orlando.