Suns links: Reactions to the blockbuster Suns-Magic deal

The Suns made a big splash over the weekend, dealing away their top scorer and giving up on the Hedo Turkoglu experiment. Opinions about the trade that sent Jason Richardson, Turkoglu and Earl Clark to the Magic haven’t been unanimous, but everyone, of course, has an opinion to share. So as the Suns await the arrival of Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus, here’s a look at what people are saying across the Internet about the blockbuster trade…

  • In The Arizona Republic, Paul Coro has reactions from a few Suns players about how their new teammates will fit on Planet Orange plus some thoughts from Steve Nash on the potential for him to be traded from Phoenix as well.
  • Kevin Baumer at Business Insider thinks the Suns-Magic deal may have knocked the Suns out of playoff contention and into rebuilding mode, but also says the Suns “would be foolish to trade” Nash: “The Suns would be dumb not to listen to offers for Nash, but unless they’re blown away, dealing Nash is the wrong move.  He is beloved by Suns’ fans and since they’ve just seen the team make a move clearly based on money and not winning, Phoenix would risk infuriating many of its fans by trading Nash.”
  • Rob Mahoney writes on the New York Times blog “Off the Dribble” that the Suns will be best served embracing Gortat and giving him significant minutes: “Adding Gortat makes sense on just about every level. He hedges several of the Suns’ weaknesses on his own and provides depth at a position in which the team is a bit shallow.”
  • The Suns’ trade seems to have sparked more discussion about whether or not Nash will be traded next and on CBS Sports, Royce Young suggests that an exit from Phoenix would likely come on Nash’s terms if it happens at all: “At 36, he’s probably not thrilled about the prospect of playing point guard on a rebuilding team. He is the draw for the Suns and any time you have Nash, you’re not that far off from being good. But if he wants a change or isn’t on board with the direction, it might not matter what Sarver says or thinks. Nash will almost surely get his way.
  • On the TrueHoop Network mothership blog, Eddy Rivera of shares his concerns about the trade from Orlando’s standpoint: “Van Gundy has a lot of work to do to assimilate Arenas, Turkoglu, and Richardson into Orlando’s schemes collectively. Then there’s the issue of figuring out whether or not the Magic sacrificed too much defense with these trades. The next couple of months should be real interesting.”
  • Rivera also took a look at Turkoglu and Richardson on “Richardson was excellent in the postseason and even though he returned to earth against the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s instances like his game-tying three-pointer in Game 5 with 3.5 seconds left, before Ron Artest made a game-winning shot for the Lakers, that show he shines when the lights are at their brightest.”
  • On, Brad Steinke writes that he loves the trade and says he had a feeling something was going on last week while he interviewed Suns GM Lance Blanks for an upcoming show: “During our chat, I had the sense something was up with the Suns/Blanks. He was constantly checking his cell phone, texting feverishly and seeming a bit distracted. Now it all makes sense — he was full on in swashbuckling trade mode. I have no doubt he was in the middle of making this mega-move take place.”
  • Cory Williams of SB Nation Arizona may not have turned his calendar since 2006 because he’s calling Vince Carter “Half man, half amazing.” He gives the trade an enthusiastic “boo-yah!” and says Vinsanity is coming to Phoenix: “Steve Nash is going to push Vince Carter to be great again. Carter’s still relatively young (at 33, he has several years of productive basketball left) and has never won anything in his entire career. Can Nash and Carter bring back the funk to Phoenix?”
  • Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley says the Suns finally cut their losses in the Turkoglu experiment and take steps to prepare for the future: “It’s an unspoken concession that the team should’ve swallowed hard after losing Stoudemire, stockpiling salary cap space for the future. It allows former agent Lon Babby to cut his losses with Turkoglu, an obvious mistake that threatened the credibility of the team’s new architect. It will give the Suns more financial flexibility coming out of an impending lockout.”

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  • Steve

    Wow, Baumer has a greatly different opinion from mine. This move was obviously financial in one aspect, but I think it greatly improves us as well. Since when did Turk do anything for the Suns? When did Clark ever do anything? We got rid of two useless players (to our franchise) and one SG who has never been terribly efficient when he wasn’t alongside Nash for a quality big (which we desperately need), a perimeter defender who can shoot the tre (we don’t need), a cry-baby prima donna letdown (we don’t need), cash (we do need), and a first rounder (we do need).

    In my books, that’s a pretty decent trade. It doesn’t make us contenders, but this was just as much about winning as it was about money. It’s just so rare to get a win-win that this writer seems to think the Suns had to miss out somehow.

  • Zak

    Without a doubt there are THREE good things about this trade for the Suns. One, they were able to dump Turkoglu’s toxic contract. Two, they were able to add a second NBA caliber center to the roster in Gortat. THREE, the Suns got a 1st round draft pick included in the deal. The other parts of the trade are still up in the air as to whether they will be good, bad or neutral for the Suns but I think that the good outweighs the potentially bad consequences overall.

  • Drew

    Thanks for adding the Magic’s point of view, Tyler. I’ve been wondering how they are going to balance all those people who are only effective when they have the ball in their hands: Arenas, JRich, Reddick, Turk…
    Seems like they have a bigger headache than our logjam at the 3.

  • Mel.

    As usual, I completely agree with Steve; I’m also a bit bollocks’d at the notion of calling this a “rebuilding move.” We dumped an albatross to the only team in the entire league that would accept him, shucked a third-tier prospect who was sleepwalking through the goodwill hopes that the team had tacked onto him, and traded a marquee producer (and his contract) for a player with nearly-identical stats.

    In return, we got quality players, the big we’ve been begging for for YEARS, and a first-rounder (For once, the Suns actually brought IN a potential rookie chip, rather than dumping one as part of their Wild West transaction style). “Rebuilding?” More like “what the hell did we have to lose?”

    And seriously, big ups to Orlando. I’ve been a fan of their team forever (They’re basically the Suns of the EC, these days), and I almost find myself hoping that they’ll give the Heat and C’s a run for their money based off of their willingness to help Phoenix out. Nobody else was going to take that call.

  • Al

    Phoenix needs a true PF badly. Suns office should offer the Orlando 1st round pick and their own pick for next year and cash for Jason Thompson. The kings are being very tight at refusing to give up Thompson to the suns but 2 1st round picks and cash is a fine price and more than enough to agree to trade Thompson to Phoenix. It would be even better if they were to agree to take Warrick’s contract as well since they have plenty of cap space at the moment and could be used as a safety in case Lowry returns to Houston after this season. Phoenix should keep Childress just in case Pietrus decides to not take the player option and Carter is bought out next off season.