Phoenix Suns quarter season awards

  • Sarah Schager

    Warrick’s dunks last at Friday’s game came out of nowhere and impressed me for sure! The only thing missing (and has been missing for years) on this team is a consistent and strong rebounder.

  • Freddy

    I can’t believe Grant is 38.

  • Kenton

    I felt so good about ol’ Turkey Glue at first. He was a favorite of mine from his days in Sacramento, and I was happy he got on a succesfull team in his Finals run with Orlando. Didn’t follow him much during his stay in Toronto, which was where his…slump?…began anew. What’s the deal? Why isn’t he performing? What was different about his days in Orlando compared to his days in Canada and in PHX? Is there no cure? I want to love the guy. Magic 8 Ball Says: Signs Point to No.

  • Sarah Schager

    At the game on Friday I heard a six year old boy call him “Turkey-Poo”!

  • Harry

    I hope you’re not paid for this analysis. Have you ever watched Jason Richardson play defense? He doesn’t even understand proper defensive footwork. Don’t believe? Check out his defense against Brandon Roy, the one legged wonder. Yet when Turk guards him late in the game, Roy throws up an airball. Sure, Turk had problems at the four, but blame management. I also find it funny you show Nash’s +/- but fail to show Jason Richardson has one of the worst negatives among starters in the league. Why so unfair?

  • Mike Schmitz

    @Harry: Not once did I say Jason Richardson is a good defender, because he’s not. In fact, he’s probably the Suns’ worst perimeter defender outside of Nash. And there’s no reason to try and justify Hedo as a good defender, because he’s not. J-Rich does have an awful plus-minus, but he also leads the team in scoring and has carried them time and time again. Is there anyone else you would call runner up for team MVP at this point?

  • Harry

    Actually Hill has been just as good overall but that’s not really the point. I’m a Hedo fan, yeh, but first and foremost I’m a Suns fan. And I’m sick and tired of the Hedo bashing. It’s doesn’t do him any good and as a result it doesn’t help the team. And this isn’t the first time you’ve done. In the analysis piece you did a couple weeks ago you were quick to point out Hedo’s faults but other players were overlooked.

    Look, I’m not saying Hedo hasn’t been a disappointment a bit, but he really hasn’t been given a fair chance. He’s not a four and it’s really Gentry’s problem. He’s an excellent three and I’m confident he’ll move pat Hill by year-end. But even more to my point, what good does this negative award achieve. Does it make you feel better to put people down. Why not just give awards for the positives you’ve seen and move on. I think Steve Nash’s facebook posting before the Portland game is something you should take to heart.

  • Mike Schmitz

    @Harry: I don’t want to get into an argument, but the point isn’t to say only good things about players so they feel good about themselves. We aren’t PR for the Suns. If you play badly and underperform, people should know about it. I do agree Hedo hasn’t been put in a good situation to succeed, but that still doesn’t take away from his lack of production. I’m not knocking on him as a person or anything, he just isn’t the basketball player he used to be.

  • Harry

    Oh, and Hedo is a much better perimeter defender than you give him credit for . His size causes problems for a lot of players. Just not power forwards.

  • Harry

    OK, we’ll agree to disagree but one thing I find funny. Just a short while ago he was good enough to lead a team to the NBA finals and now he’s not good enough to get adequate time on a team that everyone says is awful. Maybe SVG was a genius or maybe someone else isn’t?

  • KJ Loyalist

    Or perhaps Hedo, like so many before him across various sports, got paid and stopped caring.

    Also, he simply isn’t the player he was then. It does go south over an off season. Perhaps the front office really did think that Toronto was just a bad year. Perhaps they were wrong to gamble.

  • JudasPriest

    @Harry & @Mike:

    I agree with Harry. This does not do any good to the team at all. And Mike you have been doing this for a while, STOP bashing him. I have been following this guy since he set foot in the New Land. He always had the issue of inconsistency and lethargy. His ghostly appearance on the court has been criticized by many before. However, it was the SVG’s genius, much to my regret, that he was able to unleash what Hedo was capable of. He did not spare the yelling and at times did praise him to get him the confidence he always needed.

    Coming off the bench is going to make him more dangerous and will hopefully make him more aggressive. However, writing a piece like you did here, isn’t helping at all.

  • Auggie5000

    I just hope their feelings don’t get hurt. I mean I would hate to see them cry…. I’m getting emotional guys.

  • Iceman

    Hedo gets the blame because he’s sucking. Hedo gets the blame because he’s playing his way into shape. Hedo gets the blame because he’s just jacking up shots and letting his bad habits affect the team. Hedo has sucked it up. So has J-Dud. I expected Hedo to suck since he’s always sucked and I scoffed at his ridiculous contract when he signed it. Then I sighed when the Suns traded LB for him.

    Dudley has been a near no show this season. Dragic has been manic all season, Channing is a no trick pony now that he can’t hit a 3pt shot. This team has more problems than solutions. Outside of picking Nash/Hill/Richardson as biggest disappointment, there wasn’t a wrong answer.

  • Donnie

    Hedo looks slow and seems to have lost a step. That being said he also looks like he is trying to rebound more and be more aggressive offensively. I think we need to give him another month.

    DY the ‘Funk Monk’

  • KJ Loyalist

    Here in the Valley of the Sun, it is illegal to defend Hedo in any way shape or form.

    He is done. He’s more done than Brandon Roy and Roy only has one leg left!

    I will not hate on Frye. There have been a lot of guys who have said they are “trying” to add other things to their respective games since landing in the valley. He plays the role he is supposed to play but you can see him PUSHING himself to grab more boards, get more blocks, and use that length to be more pesky on D.

    Dragon will continue to wobble while Gentry wobbles his bench rotation. On any given game he has no idea who he will really be on the court with outside of Warrick.

    JMZ’s box score stats are down, but his intangibles are still off the charts and he’s still a killer when he gets a chance with under 5 minutes to a game.

    I really hate Hedo Turkoglu.