Win Phoenix Suns tickets to the #SunsTweetup

The Phoenix Suns are holding their third annual #SunsTweetup Friday when the Portland Trail Blazers come to town, and the @PhoenixSuns and @ValleyoftheSuns are teaming up to help you “get to the game.” (See what  I did there?)

We will be offering two free tickets to the Tweetup, and once again you will need to put your prognostication hat on to win.

Since the night features a private postgame Q and A with Mr. @JaredDudley619 himself, I figured it would only be fitting to center it around him. And since Dudley’s the kind of player whose contribution cannot be quantified by a traditional box score, a guy I once called “The Plus Minus Monster” in an article about his postseason success, here is what you must predict:

What will Jared Dudley’s unadjusted plus/minus rating be in Tuesday’s game at Portland?

Once again you can answer in two different ways, but please only enter if you can attend the game. Either:

1.  Comment with your answer on this post.

2.  Tweet me your answer @ValleyoftheSuns.

In the likely event of a tie, the tiebreaker round will take place during Wednesday’s tilt against Memphis with another @JaredDudley619-themed question.

For the season the Suns have lost 44 points in the 369.65 minutes Dudley has been on the floor over 20 games, according to Basketball Value, but the Suns were 91 points better in his 376.77 playoff minutes last season and 214 points better when Dudley played last regular season. Dudley struggled to get much playing time throughout November, but he has received more minutes in the last two games (30 against Indiana, 25 vs. Washington) than he had in any previous game.

If you don’t win, you would still be wise to buy a ticket and head on over to the Tweetup as there will be lots of fun stuff going down in US Airways Center. You can enter @USAirwaysCenter early to watch the Suns warm up, receive a free #SunsTweetup T-shirt that you can vote on now and be on the inside of the private postgame Q and A with JMZ.

And best of all (or perhaps not), I’ll be on hand, and I look forward to meeting meeting many of you.

The third annual #SunsTweetup promises to be another fun night, and if your prediction powers are up to snuff you could be going for free.

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