Video blog with blogger visiting every NBA stadium

It’s every sports fan’s American Dream.

Take a couple of months off work or school, hop in the car and pay your respects to every stadium in the nation, enjoying the atmosphere of the entire league along the way.

Although this fantasy is more often associated with the boys of summer and Major League Baseball, Andrew Unterberger is living that dream right now as he reports for The Basketball Jones on his trip around the country to experience the sights and sounds of every NBA stadium.

Unterberger stopped by US Airways Center for Stadium No. 17 on his journey Sunday night, and I had the chance to show him around a little bit and speak to him about what exactly this basketball pilgrimage has been like.

Although Unterberger encountered some interesting weather as he left the Midwest and moved on to Portland, I can only imagine how much fun he must be having on the kind of trip I’d love to take one day.

Without further ado, here’s Unterberger and I on Nash’s special night in the Suns’ win over the Wizards, his impressions of US Airways Center and what exactly his crazy trip has been like so far:

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