Why the Phoenix Suns struggle defensively

  • Abby

    You are too harsh…. They are bad but not that much as you potray them…….. Denver made way to many 3′s we can live with that. This game was badly officiated whenever we stopped dribble penetration they got a foul called which is ridiculous….. They need to work hard that i understand but stop blaming them to that level of extent.

  • Justin H

    Could not agree with Mike Schmitz more. As a long-time Phoenix Suns fan, I can say without hesitation, until this team stop relying on outgunning opposition teams, and also learns how to play defense, they will NEVER win an NBA Championship.

    That is not harsh, it is pure fact. Offense got them to the Lakers in last seasons Western Conference Final, and it was the Lakers defence, not necessarily their offense, that beat the Suns.

    Teams do not will Championships without defence. A look at the NBA Champs of the last two decades proves just that. Celtics, Lakers, San Antonio, Heat, Pistons, Bulls, Rockets..

    Enough said.

  • Mike Meez

    Great analysis with the video, it really helps to see, even though it is frustrating to watch. The lack of rebounding really drives me nuts because a lot of that has to do with desire and hustle. So many players have shown that over the years. Just last year, Lou Amundson was a perfect example. Compared to most NBA players, Lou is not very talented. But he makes up for it with athleticism and drive. Nobody wanted the rebounds more than him so he got them.

    The other way to get boards is by sheer athleticism. That’s how Amar’e boarded, which is unfortunate because if he had Lou’s drive he could be top 5 or 10 in rebounding. Still, he’s so athletic that he would get around 9 boards a game.

    Suns obviously lost those two guys and failed to replace them. J-Rich and Childress are good rebounders for their positions, but they can only do so much against 4s and 5s. Suns desperately need to bring in a true 4 or 5.

  • http://www.audreyandchuck.com audreyandchuck

    When I see Dallas, Orlando this year, SanAntonio, oh boy…The court always seems congested with big bodies, rarely separation. We are not like that regretfully; but what are we doing? Despite moving Lou, I could keep an analysis positive. These players are smart, like I would be if I could make millions and millions. It’s a marathon. If we get into the #7 or #8, it doesn’t matter who one plays (getting banged up by the best team first makes sense). I think we have more of a team than last playoffs, and we played thieving defense then. Don’t get hurt, figure out how eleven players get shots happily in 48 minutes. Learn resilience because the tedius playoffs are just epic wars more about character and disappointment than accrued, discipline. What concerns me more than defense is we aren’t fast enough and haven’t even practiced running teams off the court for easy baskets. If you have to complain, that would be a new one for a Suns franchise. As for what is also unique this year, it is the assembling of the most players who can score double-digits with high percentage. We can take this all the way. That was the plan as seen from past playoffs. I am 100% into it because I already don’t believe in fat people. And our new Barron will unfortunately hurt some people until he simmers. And the Lopez twins will secretly switch teams soon…

  • Steve

    @audreyandchuck – WHAT?!

    @Abby – You can never overstate the pathetic excuse for a defense the Suns possess. I don’t know if they’re dead last at the moment in defense efficiency and rebounding, but they’re bottom five, which is not where championship teams ever find themselves. It’s not usually where playoff teams find themselves either… unless you’re the Phoenix Suns of the past few years. This Phoenix Suns team is not the Phoenix Suns of the past few years, though. This team can’t score with the same efficiency and they play even worse defense because they loaded up on perimeter defenders (and bad perimeter defenders, at that).

    Our defense is HORRENDOUS.