ValleyoftheSuns podcast -- No defense edition

On this edition of the ValleyoftheSuns podcast, Michael Schwartz and Tyler Lockman discuss the Suns’ defensive deficiencies, the Hakim Warrick-Hedo Turkoglu starting lineup switch and the team’s start to the season before debating the long-term merit of trading Steve Nash.


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  • Auggie5000

    Conclusions to draw: Channing Frye is bad at the center position. Turkoglu is bad at the power forward position. Warrick is not an asset on defense.

    Poor Gentry is forced to push round pegs into square holes.

  • Dan

    I think Channing Frye has been playing much better (especially defensively) after starting for the injured Robin Lopez. He looks more multi-dimensional this season as compared to last season. Hopefully that will get even better with time.

    Hedo and Hakim tend to be ball watchers on defense. I cringe watching them try to defend.

    Grant Hill is playing great. On both sides of the court.

    JYD is still playing great on defense. Hopefully his offense picks up.

    In the last outing Earl Barron looked really good. Lots of energy and aggression (Just no offense). Maybe he’ll get more minutes and get the offense going too.