Grant Hill video breakdown

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    I love the way grant is playing rite now all i can say is keep up the good work and keep doin what you are doin to your body to produce these good numbers

  • B. Cray Z.

    Hill will benefit from more opportunities without STAT.

    Suns will lose some of Amare’s efficiency with Hill shooting a lower % but he is intelligent & will stop shooting when he’s not feeling it so as to not hurt the team.

    Wish I could say the same for J-Rich. Hill will try to get out in transition which will help the Suns play their kind of game. Even if he does not convert the layup, he gets us our points on the foul line.

    If he continues to play this way, he could generate a good vote for the All Star game.

  • audreyandchuck

    I don’t remember much from the past, but I thought he missed a lot? Seemed always in rehab, in my memory. This year, he looks like he knows how to find the easiest open look and has good touch. As for defense, I thought he stopped Rose when it was needed the other night. Then, when the game was all but decided, he sneaks within Chicago’s timeout huddle – he’s our only badaaa, and brings a unique competitiveness that many on the roster used to go so far last year. Give him a raise in salary.

  • Lori Ann

    Grant Hill’s greatest assets:
    He LOVES Basketball, is well-disciplined, has an above average basketball IQ (Thank you, Coach K), and a super work ethic. He takes GREAT care of his body/health, cares more about the game and winning, than he does about fame or money. He is mature in his priorities — both on AND off the court.
    Kudos to Aaron Nelson and the Suns’ A-1 training staff!
    Age is but a number! Whether a professional athlete or otherwise, your body WILL serve you well as long as you serve your body well —-God willing!
    With all due respect, and as a healthy 50 year old, I’m tired of hearing how good Grant Hill is “for his age.” Whether he’s 38, 28, or 48, Grant Hill is in phenomenal shape, both physically and mentally.
    What DOES come with his age is simply a great sense of responsibility, priority, wisdom, humbleness, appreciation, and experience. His head is in a GREAT place due to all the above, but more so because of his own choosing! Grant Hill is a very special young man, indeed. The Suns are blessed to have him. As a Suns fan, I’m grateful to have him on our side!