Earl Clark video breakdown

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  • http://twitter.com/azc26 azc26

    Damn, I didn’t see the end of the game but EC looked impressive. He drilled a jumper with ease against Charlotte too. Looks like he worked on his game as a whole in the offseason and is maturing…it’s just gonna be tough to justify minutes for him with our depth.

  • Jed

    He has potential, but he has never really taken advantage of opportunities when they have presented themselves. He was given plenty of chances to shine in summer league, for example, and he was usually fairly disappointing.

    We really need a tough guy like him in our rotation, though, so I hope he can reach all that potential.

  • Kevin

    I caught how well Earl did at the end of the Orlando game. He was great being aggressive and really exerting himself of the defensive end. I hope we can give him more minutes to see if he can live up to his huge potential. If he plays w/ that same fire, he’ll earn a spot in the rotation.

  • KJ Loyalist

    I really think they’re finding him some minutes to showcase him to other teams with hopes of being able to bundle him with whatever deal they’re trying to swing.

    I don’t see the constant spot for him anywhere especially with Prince Hakim coming off the bench.

    He isn’t taking any non-garbage time away from Hedo or Channing; he isn’t taking any time away from Hill, ‘Fro’do, (Childress), or JMZ. Unless Gentry plans to play him at the 5 with the second unit as part of an actual rotation, I think he’s trade bait. Sad because I really like his potential.

  • mirza

    When will you work on a Dragic video breakdown as Earl and his sporadic playing time does not concern me as a Suns fan knowing his option was not picked up .. Dragic .. im just saying


    @KJ Loyalist why wouldnt he get some of frye and hedo minutes when frye is averaging 28 minutes a game but is averaging 8 points a game . Frye is a guy who only settles for threes instead of posting up in the paint and he isnt shooting that well either. also frye is a soft ass center who is not physical enough down low

    also hedo have not been shotting the rock that well either so why not cut their minutes i half to let some potential talent play. As you can see in the video the man earl clark has game

  • KJ Loyalist

    @Corey – he did what he did once, in garbage time, against a team that stopped trying because the game was over during warm ups.

    Channing Frye is not a center. He is not a true big man. People need to understand that. He isn’t going to bang inside. He is supposed to be a ranged guy to pull 4s and 5s out of the lane for Nash and Dragon. He isn’t going to drop 20 a game. That isn’t where his value manifests itself.

    At the same time, did you see EC in college? Summer league(s)? He doesn’t really bang either. For one night that jump shot he loves so much was going in but he shoots it too much and he doesn’t drive enough. Hedo / Channing can go off on any given night. EC hasn’t proven that he can and until then, he isn’t taking minutes from anybody ahead of him.