Win Suns-Heat tickets as VotS giveaway week continues

Yesterday, we unveiled our cufflinks giveaway, in which you can win free Phoenix Suns cufflinks by guessing how many treys the Suns drill tonight in Miami.

Now we’re giving you the chance to actually go to that ESPN-televised matchup against the Heat if you can, you know, take your talents to South Beach tonight, and with great seats, too.

To win all you have to do is answer the following question:

Name all the former Suns players who currently play for the Heat and all the former Heat players who play for the Suns.

That’s it and you can win a pair of Suns tickets in either Row 3 or Row 24, courtesy of StubHub, where you can always get great seats for any game or event.

This contest will be first-come, first-served. The first two people to e-mail a correct response to mschwartz at will win the tickets.

Ready, set go!

I also want to remind you to enter our cufflinks giveaway. You have until 5 p.m. MST tonight. Same rules apply as specified earlier, even with Al McCoy missing his first trip in 38 years. No word yet on whether pinch-hit play-by-play guy Jeff Munn will give McCoy’s traditional “Shazam!” call in his absence.

With as many entries as we have thus far, there will almost certainly need to be a tiebreaker round tomorrow against the Magic. I already have that question lined up.

For context, the Suns are averaging a league-best 10.0 three-pointers per game whereas Miami yields 6.2 per contest, although they did a poor job against Ray Allen last week. I’ll take a guess just for bragging rights and say the Suns knock down eight.

UPDATE: Winners found

Thanks to all who entered, but we have found a pair of winners in the Miami area who can go to the game. The answers, of course, are Eddie House and James Jones for the Heat and new signee Earl Barron for the Suns. Hopefully we will be doing tickets giveaways for home games in the future so more of you can get involved.

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